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  1. RedRob

    US West Firestone 9287 compressor (pick up OE West?)

    Central Sierra Firestone model 9287 compressor, used $175 OBO Buyer to pay if shipped, I'll be at Overland Expo West all three days and can meet there, or can meet in central CA for the right deal. This was purchased as part of my air bag set-up for my Tacoma and also used for on-board air. It...
  2. Elizabeth

    FOR SALE '93 Land Cruiser

    1993 Toyota Land Cruiser . Factory lockers. $5,000 negotiable White with grey leather interior. Mount Vernon, WA. Daily driver. It's been in our family since 1998. 436,000 miles. It had extensive work in 2012 including a new cylinder head. Recent Replacements include: Radiator, front...
  3. NW Adventure & Overland

    This could be a great campfire topic of conversation.

    This could be a great round the fire topic of conversation. How many people have a story about a mistake you made while prepping, on you way to, or on an Overland trip, that at the time you didn’t think was funny, but can now look back and smile. I recently had one of these times. I went out on...
  4. Overland USA

    Factory Equipped Lockers?

    Besides the Jeep Rubicon, what vehicles come equipped with factory lockers?
  5. T

    Introducing Myself

    Hey Folks, I'm the infamous OutlawJoseyFails. I live in TN. I came to have an interest in overlanding because I inherited a 1991 Toyota pickup from a friend of mine who passed away about a year ago. It's a 5 speed 22RE. Right now its pretty standard-ish. 31 Inch A/T mud and snow tires...
  6. Big110

    FOR SALE ARB Locker Manifold NEW in Box

    New in box. Retails for 72+ shipping. If you ever plan on adding an air locker, you will need one of these per locker. $55 plus the ride Sold
  7. Disc04

    Differential Lockers: Front or Rear?

    Like a lot of you out there slowly building your rigs, I don't have an unlimited flow of cash to do everything at once. With that said, I wanted to post a question and get all of your opinions. I want dif lockers but won't be able to do both at the same time. If you could only choose one locker...
  8. Cam_Cam_Tech

    FOR SALE 1998 Wrangler 4.0L 5spd

    SOLD! Body has 208K but the rest of the drivetrain and all the parts have under 5-10k miles on them. A quick description to save you time if its not what you are looking for, and more detailed mods click on the link. - Clean tittle, smog ok...