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  1. adv_ranger

    How to lock your rooftop tent?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to lock your rooftop tent to your truck or rack system using something other than your standard nut and bolt? My fear is that on longer road trips when I choose to stay in a motel before moving on to another trail, that someone will come in the night and...
  2. ELY-9999

    $200 Key Fob???

    So I bought my used 1999 4runner which came with just one key and key fob. After getting the price of over $200 from the Dealership, I had to find a better way... My First attempt was to buy the Fob online which was to come with programming instructions. I got the Key Fob which looked exactly...
  3. nickburt

    Vehicle Security - the rig itself.

    What security do you have? A side from making sure nothing is left on display, or left in the rig, what security do folk have for preventing theft of the vehicle itself? Here in the UK, theft of Landrovers, especially Defenders, is big business for the criminal fraternity. Not a day goes buy...
  4. thebuell

    SOLD McGard Wheel Locks