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  1. Lady_Hay

    For Sale - Los Angeles - GOBI RACK LADDER - New driver side never installed - $250 - JEEP WRANGLER 2007-2018

    I have a GOBI ladder for sale, driver side. Never been installed. I am asking 250.00. Local pick-up is preferred. No hardware, only the mounting plate. WRANGLER JK 2DOOR (2007-2018) SKU: GJJKLAD-D
  2. L

    US Southwest FOR SALE - Austin, TX - 2 SLIDING LADDERS CVT - $100

    Austin, TX Two sliding ladders off of a CVT Mt Denali $100 Local pickup, open to shipping.
  3. CKayaks

    SOLD SOLD: Mtn View, CA - CRUX 5' Bridging Ladders NEW - $300 plus shipping costs

    New, unassembled. See photos. Link to vender site: CRUX Offroad Ended up with an extra set after a buddy backed out of the purchase. That took a few months of back and forth. This set has been sitting in the garage for some time now, forgotten until I started packing up for a move. I am...
  4. Tim N Michele Davis

    Does anyone make a RTT Ladder with deeper steps

    I love our CVT RTT but hate the thin rungs of the ladder. The dang things hurt my feet and I would really love one with deeper rungs on it, anyone know of a better ladder? The new style offered is not really any deeper than the one I have now.
  5. Hank Outdoors

    RTT Ladder Extension?

    I ordered the Overlander XL and it should be shipped in 2 weeks. I am mounting it on top of an FJ Cruiser with 35's and 6 inches of lift. Anyone know if I will need the Ladder extension....? Thanks, Sean Hank Haney
  6. J

    FOR SALE San Jose, CA: Land Rover LR4 parts and accessories

    The following items were taken off my 2013 LR4 with black package when I changed wheels and installed a roof rack. They have been sitting in the garage for too long, time to clear them out. - A set of 5 20"x8.5" black double spoke wheels. Very sharp looking wheels. Have some road rashes and...
  7. GXnGS

    SOLD GOBI Ladder GX470, Bay Area, $185, local or ship

    I just installed a new Metal tech rear bumper and unfortunately the ladder had to go to make room for the swing arm. Had it for about 5 months, includes all the mounting hardware except 3M adhesives which can be found at most hardware stores and Amazon. Still looks almost new. Prefer local...