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  1. SJ.Overland

    US Midwest Kentucky Adventure Tour hosted by IKO Overland

    A one day ride with 2 nights of camping for the SW Portion of the KAT. View Rally Point
  2. killallninjas

    US Southeast Kentucky Adventure Tour (KAT) and Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB)

    Here are some dash cam videos of a small section of the KAT/DBBB near Slade, KY. Pumpkin Hollow Road (KAT/DBBB)-- clockwise Spaas Creek Road (KAT/DBBB)-- clockwise Mountain Springs Road and Furnace Pilot Road (DBBB)-- counter clockwise
  3. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast Turkey Trot Weekend - DBBB

    Pack up all the leftovers and hit the trails at Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway for the remainder of the holiday weekend. 4x4, recovery points/gear, minimum 33" AT tires are all recommended. View Rally Point
  4. KB8WXZ

    US Midwest Any Interest in a Monthly Meetup in Cincinnati

    Just gauging interest in setting up a monthly meetup for the Cincinnati or SW Ohio, SE Indiana and NKY area. The purpose of the meetup would be to get to know others in the area, build relationships, organize some adventures, share knowledge, learn, show off our rigs, work on rigs, etc. I'm new...
  5. BruisertheLand Cruiser

    US Southeast KAT!! Kentucky Adventure Tour

    FB group Venture Unknown will be returning for part 2 of the KAT! View Rally Point
  6. Ohio Valley Overland

    Cancelled TREADS AND TURNS

    This is a social gathering of Overland Bound Members that are interested in snow sports like skiing, snowboarding and tubing.View Rally Point
  7. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast The Jason Eddy Land Between the Lakes Extravaganza

    This will be a ride and camp weekend to celebrate a great friend Jason Eddy, a fellow Off Roader, Overlander, a Father and the most humble person you will ever meet. Jason was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of the 2020. This is a man who asks for nothing, and has no idea we are doing this...
  8. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast Tennessee - Land Between the Lakes

    Spend the weekend in the Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area with fellow Overland Bound members. Let's get together and hit some trails, camp and enjoy some campfire time. (Each person will need an LBL Basic Camping Permit and you can find these at the links below.)
  9. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Southeast Southeast Summit at the Farm

    This will be a meetup of the border regions of the Midwest and the Southeast held at West 6th Farm in Frankfort, KY. The Farm has hiking and biking trails so bring those boots and mountain bikes along.View Rally Point
  10. Kgxpedition

    Cancelled KGXpedition Bourbon, Battlefields & Heroes

    Bethlehem Kentucky Backroad Bourbon TrailView Rally Point
  11. NashvilleKara

    US Southeast Land Between the Lakes trip

    Hey all! Planning a weekend trip from the morning of March 6 to March 8 at Land Between the Lakes. I've already reserved Colson Hollow for camping. Anyone who would like to join us let me know!
  12. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Midwest Winter Meetup

    This is a chance to meet other overlanders and do a little sliding down a hill on your choice of skis, snowboards or tubes
  13. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Southeast GEARS & BEERS

    Beer and's kinda complicated so read the instructions....
  14. Corey Webb

    Bourbon Trail

    Good Afternoon All, I have a few questions to the guys in Tennessee and Kentucky... Who is familiar with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Are there any Adjacent off road trails? What campsite would you recommend? or should i just take pavement, and just go have fun at a nearby OHV Park? Which OHV...
  15. Tyler.W

    Overland Bound Land Between The Lakes Trip - 09/14/2018

    Many of us will come in Friday afternoon and leave Sunday morning but others come anywhere in between that time. There are no set times for anything, no planned trail rides or sight seeing tours, no assigned camping, no one to tell you when you can or can't wheel, how loud you can be or when to...
  16. Dave_brez

    OB Land Between The Lakes Trip

    Alright lady's and gents it's time! OB LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES TRIP: Sept. 14-16 LIST OF FOLKS COMING: Dave aka @Dave_brez + Phoebe Drew aka @Cully74 Ashten aka @ASHTEN CORNELIUS Adam aka @EisenYota Brandon aka @bval @Stickman aka Craig and Suni
  17. RichieFromBoston

    Going South from Massachusetts

    I planned on heading out to Ouray again and with gas prices being what they are decided to stick to the east coast specifically virginia and Kentucky I have a season pass to the black MTN offroad park but want to hit some local trails instead like daniel boone etc. Im heading out next week...
  18. Lower48Outfitters

    Lexington, KY - Lucky's Offroad St. Patrick's Sale Event - Saturday March 17

    I'd like to personally invite any Overland Bound folks out to the event so we can shake hands, put a face to the name and discuss our camping trips and event rides for the summer! Hope to see some folks out! It’s that time again! The Lucky’s Autosports and Offroad St. Patrick’s Sale Event...
  19. WindyBadger

    Accidental Overland Bound meetup!

    We had an accidental meetup this weekend in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky. @trailspinTV, who I met at an Overland Bound meetup in November, texted me yesterday saying he would be coming to kentucky from Indiana. His buddy, @Burning Man came in with a friend around 4am this morning...
  20. WindyBadger

    Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, Kentucky - 11/17/2017

    On the weekend of November 17th through 19th we'll meet up and complete some or all of the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway in Kentucky. Meet and greet on Friday night from approximately 7:00pm, rides on Saturday, and maybe some more short rides Saturday night and Sunday morning. View Rally...