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  1. P

    Badass off road Overland/hunt/bugout trailer

    This OFF ROAD bug out/hunting/camping trailer can handle any terrain and will get your farther in the bush. Basically brand new— purchased in June 2019 and used as temporary housing while full time airstream was in the shop.Skip the lengthy wait times for a tear drop and start camping! A Vintage...
  2. SaltyYogurtSnek

    Snek's FJ

    I recently picked up my FJ semi locally after searching for months. Looking at a few just to find they were beat, wrecked, or seriously neglected. I was about to hop on a flight to California to look at one when I found the one I purchased about an hour from me. Just driving up to it I could...
  3. Fish_into_gear

    Favorite overland or travel reads?

    When I'm not actually overlanding or road-tripping myself, I love to read about it; anyone have recommendations on good memoirs, books of stories, nonfiction etc about vehicle-based travel? Out-of-print is not a deterrent, old titles are just as good as new ones! Adjacent topics (fishing...
  4. Gray5_Overland

    New from CA

    Hey all!, I'm Justin - new to the forum, but have been "Overlanding" my entire life (I just didn't know there was an official name for it until a few years ago!). Currently driving a 4x4 Silverado on 35's while lugging a military M101-A1 dubbed "JTN706" (all of my kids first initials+my racing...