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    Hello from Guatemala

    Hello from Guatemala, Central America. I know it's time to stay in home because the global situation about COVID19. But I hope to share future adventures on my Land Cruiser J78 soon and also learn from this great community. Regards
  2. naturalstatexplorer

    New Member from Fort Smith, AR

    Just wanted to say hello from Fort Smith, AR. Been following Michael and his YouTube channel for nearly 3 years. Can't wait to get out there and explore!
  3. Adrian cantu

    New member

    Hay my name is adrian cantu im fron Southtern texas im 38 years married 3 kids im new to the overland most of the time i whas consentrate on rock crawling jeep beach and sometimes campin we don't have to much places around the my home town i live in pharr tx close to mexico border lineos of...
  4. Ken Cunningham

    Hello from The San Fernando Valley

    Hello and thanks to all here. I grew up in rural central Missouri with my nearest neighbors an mile away. I learned how to fish, to hunt, conservation principles, and most of all a love for the outdoors. Most of my earlier memories are all outside. “Town” was about 30 miles away and I only...
  5. RKooistra

    Hello from Northern Arizona!

    Hey my name's Ren! I've been following OB on insta for a while now and decided that it was finally my time to officially become a member! I own a pretty cool Isuzu Trooper that's taken my mom (who also just joined up as OB 9109), my brother and myself to some pretty sweet places around this not...
  6. test1

    Event Cancelled - Ignore testing- testing 1122 - 07/06/2017

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  7. T

    Reoccurring - Testing thread- Abc - 06/16/2017

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