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  1. xplore.offroad

    New Member : GX470 in Fresno, CA

    Heard about Overland Bound at this years Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ and wanted to join the community. 2003 Lexus GX470 Located in Fresno, CA Novice in Overlanding / Intermediate in off-roading
  2. SashaLee

    US Southwest Grand Canyon - North Rim

    Hi- We are in the beginning stages of planning a camping / off road trip to the Grand Canyon. Leaving from Long Beach, Ca on June 25th and headed back on the 29th or 30th. Going to the North Rim making a base camp and exploring from there. Camping in the dispersed areas and packing in / out...
  3. GXnGS

    FOR SALE T4R SR5 wheels, set of 5, painted grey, Lexus logo Bay Area $250

    I upgraded my wheels recently, so have these up for grabs. I painted them about 2 years ago, so it’s time for a re-coat. The Lexus badge was to make them more unique, but these came from a Toyota 4R for those who don’t know. Including OEM lugs and 4 locking lugs with key. Pickup/meet in the Bay...
  4. K

    New from Boise, Idaho (kind of)

    Hi all, I just purchased a rig, a "cherry" GX470 (2008, 109,500 miles, Sport package with KDSS). The previous owner had already started the transition from "mall wagon" to overlander: swapped out the AVS and added some lift with Ironman Foam Cell Pro; TRD Pro rims and BF Goodrich TA KO2 tires...
  5. GXnGS

    SOLD GOBI Ladder GX470, Bay Area, $185, local or ship

    I just installed a new Metal tech rear bumper and unfortunately the ladder had to go to make room for the swing arm. Had it for about 5 months, includes all the mounting hardware except 3M adhesives which can be found at most hardware stores and Amazon. Still looks almost new. Prefer local...
  6. S

    Moderate GX470 build suggestions

    My wife and I recently decided to start more long term vacation overlanding. We have. 2005 GX470 that is mainly stock and will be pulling a borderlands trailer. Our goal is access to scenic remote areas not necessarily rock crawling for the sake of it. We live in SE Georgia but will travel all...