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  1. ThunderwingLC

    Looking to buy a Dometic CFX3 fridge/cooler

    Is anyone selling a Dometic CFX3 fridge in/near the Los Angeles, CA area? Also, does anyone know where or what stores sell them that I can go in and look at in person, in Los Angeles?
  2. A

    SOLD Dometic CFX 65 w/slide (Austin, TX)

    Selling my Dometic CFX 65 with Dometic Slide. Comes with AC and DC connectors. Some minor cosmetic scuffs from other gear. Bought in June 2019, so a little over a year old. $1000 Pictures can be found here: Dometic CFX-65 - sporting goods - by owner - sale
  3. Offroadnutz

    Wagan 12v cooler/warmer

    I was gifted a 12v Wagan cooler/warmer for 10 years of service on the job. It has pretty good amazon reviews and is supposed to cool up to 40 degrees below ambient temp and warm to 140. Has anyone had experience, good or bad, with this manufacturer?
  4. fledwell

    SOLD *SOLD* Dometic CFX 28 Fridge/Freezer

    Nearly new Dometic CFX 28 fridge for outdoors and overland vehicle-based adventure travel. I’ve only had the fridge for 4-5 months and it’s a wonderful product for a weekend adventure when you’d like to have fresh food and cold drinks when camping or tailgating. The CFX 28 can quickly reach...
  5. Donegal Overlanding

    Many of you helped us, so thank you.

    Hi everyone, Thanks to many of you in here who have subbed to our youtube channel, a couple of days ago we finally reached 1000 youtube subscribers. Its taken 2 years, but we are finally there. I was shocked how much work has been required to get to this point, but I will keep my fingers...
  6. cerberus

    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge / Freezer

    Anyone have experience with the newer ARB Elements fridge/freezer? Looking for feedback good/bad on power consumption, durability, size (form factor), and comparisons to others in this size range. I know this is a newer model for them, but looking for some more info since there seems to be less...
  7. DometicOffroad

    Dometic Is Going To Overland Expo West 2018

    We want to meet you and see your rigs! Come check us out and grab a free ice cream sandwich! We will have a series of Toyotas and Jeeps on display in our booth! If you're in the market for a CFX fridge/freezer we will have show specials on a variety of products, and you might even be able to...
  8. DometicOffroad

    The Official Dometic CFX Fridge Feed!

    Hey guys! We are looking to see what kind of set ups you guys are running! What are your thoughts on your Dometic fridge? What industry events would you like to see us at? Share with us! We would love to see some pictures of your CFX Fridges in action, post below and if you have Instagram tag...
  9. RichieFromBoston

    Whynter 45qt fridge/freezer

    I grabbed this on Amazon, was looking at the dometic that was on sale, but was late to the dance and ended up picking this, It does everything I need and is built very well. It runs quiet and since i made the video on it, I have had it in the rig for almost a week and its quiet, not killing my...
  10. 300WMTUCK

    Portable freezer/fridge - $375 (Rosemead) Whynter 85 fridge for sale on Craigslist- $375

    Not mine. A buddy saw it and sent it to me. Thought someone in the area may want to check it out. Portable freezer/fridge - $375 (Rosemead)