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  1. SaltyYogurtSnek

    Communications Questions....

    Hey All, I am relatively new to communication equipment. I used to have CB in my last vehicle but never really used it much because most of my buddies use handheld radios for trail comms. I am looking at adding permanent comms to my new rig and was curious if there was something that would be...
  2. Kyle & Kari Frink

    OB Approved Preparedness & Self Recovery Familiarization

    PREPAREDNESS We all at one point or another make the decision to head out and EXPLORE ON OUR OWN. Which is okay, however you still need to be LEGITIMATELY PREPARED. You should have set in place a "notice" of sorts to your whereabouts, and when you expect to be back. So that if something actually...
  3. Justin D.

    Equipment for 2 Wheel Drive Rigs

    Hey everyone, first post here so let me know if I'm doing something wrong and I will gladly fix it. So due to me being a college student, getting rid of my current rig for a new one more appropriate to traditional offroading isn't really a viable option at the moment. As such, what are some of...
  4. Hans Sommer

    A Great Site for Rig Porn...

    Greetings OB Photographers and Gear-heads. I wanted to share a company that was created specifically for automotive enthusiasts to highlight their builds. The founder is a Silicon Valley escapee who is following his passion and has setup a business that I think is very cool...
  5. ShoKilla

    Top Three MVE (Most Valuable Equipment)

    I’m about to take the plunge and prepare for some overland camping. I’m not new to camping but this is the first time I’ve seriously considered going out past the camp grounds and into the “wild”. What I am specifically looking for is everyone’s top 3 mods, must have, most valuable equipment...
  6. 1derer

    Non-member other source for sale stuff (CL,Ebay,etc)

    Ever find deals that others might be interested in? I know CL ads expire, ebay ends but for us members ready to jump I wanted to share for sale stuff that others might benefit from.
  7. G

    LTB/ Wanted: Expedition Equipment & Gear

    Hi Overlanders, I am located in the Seattle, WA area and interested in the following items for my build. 100+ Watt Solar Panel & Controller Dual Battery System (National Luna or something of similar build quality)/ Controller Looking for an automatic System ARB Snorkle System for a 100...
  8. Corrie

    Northstar X2Power Battery Installation

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Northstar X2 Power Battery Installation Video alert: Northstar X2Power Battery... Continue reading the Original Blog Post.