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  1. Wanderlost

    Have you heard of the Imogene Pass trail ?

    Have you heard of the Imogene Pass trail in the SanJuan Mountains near Ouray Colorado? Most likely you have, it's one of the iconic trails many people have on their offroading bucketlist. Here's a short glimpse at what you can experience on this trail:
  2. Razor Rodriguez

    New Member - Razor in Oregon

    Hello! Novice Overlander here in Oregon (Eugene). Just getting into exploring more with the family and co-workers. Figured a solid starting point, aside from the vehicle is getting into a community that knows what's up. I also really dig turning those unlikely or not-market supported vehicle...
  3. phxdsrtrat

    Durango to Alta Lakes, CO (through Purgatory)

    I have attached a google maps link for the route we took from Durango CO, to the Purgatory Ski Resort, then over on several back roads to 145 and up to the Alta Lakes dispersed camping area. I adjusted the endpoint on the map to my exact camp site. It sits on a small hill and is a great spot...
  4. NerdyNick

    The Rocky Mountains' National Park Loop ideas

    I've been working on planning a 2wk trip between a number of the National Parks in the Rocky Mountain Region (I also have a much larger version that hits them all). But I'm looking to get more ideas of place to visit, things to do along the way, good areas to camp, and/or trails I should add to...