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  1. Yaniv05

    First Drone Video

    After way too long, I finally got a Drone. And here is the first video I got.
  2. Pindal

    Are you flying a drone? this information may be essential.

    New rules of the FAA for the recreational flight of drones. FAA Highlights Changes for recreational Drones https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=93769&omniRss=news_updatesAoc&cid=101_N_U New rules to fly the drones of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...
  3. Jroettele

    Baja Christmas escape.

    Over Christmas My fiancé and I decided to escape to Baja for a little adventure and hopefully a warmer climate. Not that souther California climate is bad. So we packed up the jeep. Grabbed some extra jerry cans for gas and water and headed out the day after Christmas. We headed down to...
  4. nickburt

    Drones for videography and stills

    Ok, so quite a lot of us have various cameras and associated lenses and kit etc... Who uses a drone? What make/model and why did you choose that one. And.......... importantly, how do you rate the quality of the video and stills it produces?
  5. Down2Mob

    Overland Vlog to the Gila River in Arizona

    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this trip to small town Kearny, AZ and camping at the Gila River with a very diverse group of rigs. My 2008 Jeep JKU, Fife's 7.3 F250 turbo diesel, and Tyler's new 2017 Tacoma! This is the first of an Overland Vlog series I am doing, so please - let me know what...
  6. D3Overland

    Aerial rig/camp pics

    I'm sure many of us have a drone or other aerial filming device...anyone got any pics they would like to share..camps...rigs..or just the view :-)