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  1. raptor510

    Over landing with a dog

    Ok, in short I’m wanting to begin taking my doggo over landing with me. I’ve got everything covered except his sleeping arrangement. I have a Tacoma with the long bed which I sleep in, and a storage drawer with a fridge & slide mounted to it. This leaves zero room for anyone but me to sleep...
  2. morganwest95

    Dogs with motion sickness?

    Hello. I did a quick search on the forum and didn't find anything about this topic. I have two dogs, and neither of them do very well in the truck once it starts getting twisty, turny, bouncy, or all three. I recently took them two hours up north to a lake, and both of them threw up in the...
  3. J

    Overlanding with a large dog

    Hi all, I have searched the forum for dog, pet, dog crate, and have not come up with anything that answers my question. My plan is to get my son a Dog, hopefully a service dog, but either way I can’t seem to figure out the best way to overland with him. Making sure the dog travels safely is a...
  4. Traveling Together

    Mexico Belize Border Crossing Information

    Hi all. I just released a video about my wife and I's experience crossing the Mexico Belize border with our truck and our dog. Most of our videos are more story telling, but since many travelers are concerned with border crossings I tried to make this one a bit more informative while still...
  5. Brooke

    Reno to Virginia City Local Meetup

    Hi everyone, I am putting together a quick trip from Reno to Virginia City this weekend (1.20.18) for anyone in the area. We'll meet up at Huffaker Hills Trailhead at noon. There is a parking lot there. Route is going down to Virginia City and you can see it here. Easy day trip, stock 4x4's...
  6. Thatredfj

    Dogs out on the road?

    How many of y'all take your dogs out with you on the road? And what are some things you do that help them out over long travel? Been taking my pup out for a lot single day drives with a few days camping and he does really well. Planning a longer trip out west and thinking about bringing him...
  7. Pick Teej

    Overland Dog Equipment

    For those of you that bring dogs on your journeys what kind of equipment do you bring/ need. we bring a few toys, frisbee, tennis ball, etc. collapsible bowl set and Bear's food is kept in baggies for each meal. also considering the Seresto collar for flea and tick control. anyone with...