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  1. AaronOffroader

    New Member -Aaron Offroader - 2018 Prado 150 Kakadu 35s - Greetings Guys

    Hi There Guys This is my first post. trying to get the hang around the Overlandbound Platform and Community Via Australia I hope to add a lot of value here via write ups and blogs in the future I have 2x Insta accounts @AaronOffroader and @offthegridmedia 1x Youtube Account @AaronOffroader if...

    RAM 2500 Custom Overland Build, RTT Rack, Aux Batt, Transfer Tank, Sliders & Other Stuff!

    My goal for this rack is not just to support the weight of a RTT. Below is a list of goals for this build, The rack must provide a fair amount of Rollover protection. (Safety First) It should complement the styling of the truck. Should be modular. I will not always run the RTT. At times I will...
  3. PanCan Overland

    Cargo Trailer Conversion - Post your build!

    Hey All, I'm very interested in purchasing an enclosed cargo trailer for overland/off road conversion. For those of you who have gone this route, could you post pictures/build thread and other insight regarding this? Have seen a few on the internet that were perfect platforms for...
  4. Joel S

    Custom Bed Cage?

    So i've been looking for a bed cage for a Tacoma (or really for any midsized truck with a 5' bed) and I haven't been able to find one that I specifically like. the closest one that I have found is the Wilco off road ADV Rack (Found Here - The...
  5. J

    In need of Custom fabrication (Charlotte, NC)

    I just got a free NFab Bumper from someone and its a little beat up and I need someone who has a welder and all that fun stuff. I also want to add a winch mount and a center hoop to it. If anyone knows of anybody who does custom fabrication work or has a shop I could rent out around the...
  6. Rob K

    Hi-Lift Jack Mount

    The Balmy 33-Degree temperature finally allowed me to get outside and do a little work! Just thought I would throw up a few pictures of the Hi-Lift mount I made to go with my tire carrier. Pretty happy with the way it came out. Just have to work on securing it with a lock. Overall...
  7. Liana Lehua

    My Outback Adventure Begins…

    I’m new here and to overlanding but a veteran of the outdoors. I've been immersing myself in the forums, getting ideas, learning a lot, and I am completely overwhelmed with where and how to start the build of my 2015 Subaru Outback to be my overloading rig. I’d love any feedback anyone has...
  8. HammPhoto

    JKU air tank "box"/OBA

    Last summer for my birthday I was given a Viair Heavy Duty OBA kit. supposedly these are "ready to install" for my purposes i threw out most of the kit outside of the compressor, hoses and tank. If I could do it again I would piecemeal the whole thing instead of the kit, route. The in box kit...
  9. cbechtold