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  1. Kyle Forbes

    Jeep CJ5 1964 Build/Restoration

    Here' s my 64 CJ5 i have picked up at auction for $950 here in PA. The date as a type this i got the engine running after being sitting in a field next to a fence for 17 years. Runs good & idles. It will need all new tires but really just the fronts need replaced.Little did i know this has left...
  2. Smileyshaun

    joyota 73 cj5 i guess now it's a "gladiator" build

    This build starts a long long time ago with many dead ends , failures and even being sold once . The eventual goal is to build a reliable very capable crawler/snow blaster with room for 4 and space for some gear . Specs so far Basicly a SAS 87 Toyota pu 5.29s v6 diffs Arb front Detroit rear...

    1983 Jeep CJ5 Build

    My base rig is a 1983 CJ5. I think the thing was towed behind a motorhome in the 80’s for 29,000 miles and then sat in a warehouse until 2008 when I bought it. Since 2008 I I’ve put roughly 5,000 miles on it. So my base rig was an 1983 CJ5 with 34,000 miles on it. Since this was my Ken doll...