chevy colorado

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  1. alexdnick

    2017 Chevy Colorado Z71

    Hi all, I bought a used 2017 Colorado last year and have slowly begun outfitting it to take me off the beaten path. However I have mostly started to build this as a base camp for hiking. This is where my thread starts, however the modifications I am posting today have been on for some time...
  2. B4YMAX

    Big Bear, CA

    I've gone to Big Bear, CA for some trails a few times in the last three months. I love it up there! Here is a few photos that ive taken with my Canon T6I.
  3. B^2

    Which Portable ViAir for '17 Colorado

    I'm in the market for a portable viair system that I can use for my 2017 Chevy Colorado as well as my 1970 Datsun 510. I like the flexibility of using the system between multiple vehicles. Which model should I be looking at? Right now I'm running Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac for tires as part...
  4. B^2

    Hello From the Boston Area

    Hello, Been posting over on the Colorado Fans and Expedition Portal forums for a little and decided to check this place out. Right now I have a stock 2017 Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab with the longer bed. It's the midnight edition which is basically just black wheels/tires, spray in bed liner...
  5. K


    I DO NOT KNOW.... I have a 2017 Chevy Colorado v6 4x4 Long Bed Crew Cab. She’s a great truck, but I wanna make her an OverLanding rig. Big question on suspensions... this being a daily driver as well, what should I do for my suspension without going long travel (not good daily driver)? What...
  6. S

    Gear You Can't Live Without

    I have started building my Overland Rig, I got a set of all weather tires and now am starting to acquire gear little by little. Is there a few pieces of gear you can't live without or really would like to have? I am pretty much starting from scratch so any suggestions would be welcome.
  7. PabstBlueSwayze

    Swayze Express - Colorado ZR2 Duramax

    Pulled the trigger on a Colorado ZR2 Duramax and have to say Im quite stoked to get this truck out in the hills. Dont have much planned additions at this time besides getting radio/comms, bed rack + rooftop tent, and hopefully a front bumper + winch. Definitely gonna take some inspiration from...
  8. S

    Beginning the Adventure Life Style

    Hi I am a new member from Iowa and thanks to some off road adventurers named Yeti and Yolo, I am starting to turn my 2011 Chevy Colorado into an Overland Truck. I am about to have twins so I want to start a rig we can all enjoy together. If anyone has suggestions on where to start, I am all...