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  1. SwansonDigital

    Long Gulch - Honeycomb Wilderness in SE Oregon

    Long Gulch can be found off Leslie Gulch road. It's a bumpy, narrow and rocky at times track on the way in. Primarily ATV traffic. The video below includes arial shots of the canyon walls of long gulch as well as Juniper and Timber Gulch that are along Leslie Gulch road. Gulch, Gulch, Gulch...
  2. kostkafex

    Arroyo Blanco - 2018 GMC Canyon Diesel CCSB

    I purchased this truck new in April 2018. It's my daily driver and the family adventure-mobile. I'm in Texas with family in California so trips back and forth are already being planned. Also, I plan on camping and off-roading mainly in Texas. I've got a wife, a 9-month-old boy, and a little dog...
  3. TRT87

    San Lorenzo Canyon, New Mexico

    NM Members / @cmsgtnelly / @Stix , Does anybody have info on San Lorenzo Canyon South of ABQ near Socorro? I was thinking about checking it out and looking for the old abandon ranches. Thank you for any info! - Tyler Coords: 34.243640,-106.986152 Webpage...
  4. LuxuryOverland

    Roverlanding Canyon Lake

    Went for a little adventure with the kiddos today...trails around Canyon Lake aren't the WORST--but some are VERY rugged! I'm really happy with how the Rover did today! Didn't find an obstacle she couldnt overcome, and thats 100% stock! Cant wait until I'm able to finally lift her, and get some...