camp kitchen

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  1. JB_Bouley

    Kelty Kitchen

    ALCON, Bottom line up front: By purchasing a used pack for $25 I was able to create a kitchen pack that enables me to compactly store everything necessary to cook anything for two people. Details of the “ Kelty Kitchen”: - 56L Kelty Moraine - Camp Chef Everest II Stove - Heavy Duty bubble wrap...
  2. Tres

    SOLD Texas - MAKE OFFER Front Runner Fridge Slide / Drawer Cabinet Combo BRAND NEW

    I have a brand new Front Runner Outfitters SUV type cabinet with a fridge slide and drawer slide storage. This unit is completely unused. Bought for my Bronco build a few months ago and didn't take into consideration the slant of the back seat and cargo area. Didn't fit by about 1" so I never...
  3. Tres

    SOLD For Sale - TEXAS - Front Runner Fridge and Storage Slide Cabinet new - MAKE OFFER!!!

    UPDATE: I STILL HAVE THIS AND NEED TO SELL IT. ASKING 1100 OBO! I have a brand new, never used, Front Runner Outfitters Cub Pack Drawer and Fridge Slide cabinet. Bought brand new from Front Runner and it won't fit in my Bronco because of the slant of the back window at the top. I didn't pay...
  4. ovrlndr

    Anyone using carbon steel for cooking at camp?

    I know cast iron is popular for cooking at camp, but I’m interested to see if anyone is using carbon steel pans instead of cast iron? For those unfamiliar with carbon steel, it’s similar in concept to cast iron in that it must be seasoned and eventually develops a slick non-stick coating, it...
  5. Mike Costa

    What knife/utensil kits are you using?

    What does everyone here use to store their knives, cooking utensils, and eating utensils? trying to make everything a little more organized and keep everything in one place at least for the knives and cooking utensils. we use Ka-bar chopsticks for the most part to eat along with their spork and...
  6. willnicks

    The 2-Box (Front Runner) Camp Kitchen

    Over the years I have learned through trial and error what my needs are in a camp kitchen. While I truly lust over high end chuck boxes that fit everything, those sort of set ups do not fit my requirements, which are primarily: 1. Portability between vehicles - I have a truck and my girlfriend...
  7. HudsonZRoamer

    For Sale: Tembo Tusk Skottle w/ all Accessories

    With the recent install of the @ScoutEquipment Overland Kitchen I am trimming the fat a little on my cooking setup. I am selling the Tembo Tusk skottle with all the listed accessories. 1. Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill Kit including Blue Ridge Overland storage bags (Retails $275) 2. Tembo Tusk Wind...
  8. Wildland Outdoors

    Kitchens- Lets See Em

    I wanted to start this thread as I am slowly working on my camp kitchen. Please post up pics and a description of your setup if you like to help others like me figure out which way and what gear to use.