budget build

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  1. loweredexpectations4x4

    Project chEEP Comanche budget build

    First a little back story on the thought process that started this build. Me and my roommate were doing a road trip from San Francisco to Tucson. As we drove we discussed doing the gambler 500. So we set out to buy a beater that we would have no attachment to and build it with both of our tax...
  2. Johohoward27

    Getting ready for my first Adventure!!

    Hey I’m Joseph, I’m looking for vehicle that could support my journey across the west coast, I will be hauling gear like surf boards, spearGuns, fishing poles, Water, Refrigerator, cooking equipment, SUP. I could be in the road for a year or more. I have a pretty flexible budget but not...
  3. gummybear

    2001 Jeep XJ build

    Hey guys, so I am starting my 97 XJ build today. I have owned this jeep for about 8 years now. I haven't done much with it since life has gotten in the way, deployments, moving, job etc but now I am selling my 2016 chevy Colorado to save some money. I am planning on using my Jeep as a daily...
  4. bert_t4r

    Another 3rd Gen 4Runner

    Hello newish to the group. I’m Bert and live in Albuquerque (ABQ) New Mexico. My occupation is a Wildland Firefighter for the past 22 years. Currently part of the Sandia Helitack crew based on the Cibola National Forest. Being outside and vehicle based travel has been part of my career and...
  5. Ian McAdorey

    $6k Budget - Land Rover Disco 2 vs Land Cruiser 100 Series or other options

    I am currently looking at getting either a Discovery Series 2 or a Land Cruiser 100 Series. I have never owned a Toyota or Land Rover product before but I would love to hear from current owners about their experiences, pros and cons, of owning these vehicles. I have outlined below the...
  6. Christian Giannotti

    Essential gear that you would choose for a first overland trip?

    Hello, I am new to overlanding and this is my first post. I am starting to build up my rig (Jeep JKU '15). This summer I plan on taking my first overland trip out West. I plan on following light off road trails but who knows what I may get into. I don't have access to all the bells and...