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  1. alien_bronco

    Planning A Trip To Las Vegas for SEMA

    Looking for recommendations on where to Overland in Vegas. I know there are tons of places, looking for some recommendations. I will have my Bronco Sport and my custom overland trailer. We plan on stopping the first night at North Plann NE, and then Blue Mesa Reservation CO the second...
  2. TahoePPV

    I ordered a new vehicle and all I got was a hat

    My wife actually ordered it. We reserved a Bronco years ago it seems. We finally got the message it was time to order. We might even get it this year. We’re getting a Big Bend model with Mid level trim, the 2.7 engine and Sasquatch. The first two are good to bring it earlier. Getting the...
  3. Tres

    Full coverage rig insurance?

    Been building up my rig for about 2 years. At this point I am WAY over the book value of my 89 Ford Bronco, but I can't find full coverage insurance. Any idea how to find insurance for a built 4x4, AND get full value for the upgrades? I am worried about theft and would really like some insurance.
  4. Broncopaws

    Trans America Trail

    Last weekend my wife and I drove up to Richmond Va. 5hr drive to a Bronco club meet and greet. On the way home we decided to take a short detour and drive a portion of the Trans America Trail (TAT). I had already downloaded the GPS tracks for the Atlantic spur from the Trans America Trail...
  5. CHILL907

    Tower Arch & Top of the World, Moab

    I've only made a few trips to Moab over the years and with so much still to see, we vectored our rig north and left the heat of Phoenix behind us. This trip was to be a special one. My dad finally, after many years of waiting, secured himself his dream rig. With a little help from his son he...