big bend

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  1. Hourless Life

    Big Bend National Park. Any tips?

    We'll be in Big Bend National Park this weekend. (Anyone else by chance?) For those that have been, any tips for campsites, overlanding sites, etc? We're really pumped. It's been on our bucket list for a hot minute. Thanks in advance. We're on our way to Overland Expo and the park was kind of...
  2. Overland Commander

    Big Bend, Texas

    The Big Bend offers a lot of interesting off-highway adventures. It's a great destination with a lot of climbing, canoeing, rafting, and camping also. Its desert - so take water.... I have climbed in Santa Elena Canyon and on Paisano Peak (private) near Alpine. Here are some of the popular...
  3. Jose Losoya

    Texas Big Bend National Park Event in Future?!?!

    Looking to plan a Trip In Big Bend National Park Texas in the future , I marked an ((APPROX 20 MILE OFF-ROAD TRAIL )), we rally up Panther Junction Service Station and Fuel up! , Then travel 5 miles down to Glen Springs Rd where the Offroad trail will start , Down to Black Gap Rd then up Tally...
  4. Matt L.

    Big Bend National Park Info

    I originally posted this as a reply in the New Members area but thought it was out of place there. So here it is again. Big Bend National Park and Big Band Ranch State Park are pretty well documented so be sure and grab some literature at the park headquarters in both cases. The national park...
  5. TXpedition

    TXpedition Holiday Overland

    I've been wanting to head back to Big Bend Ranch State Park to explore the solitude and the fantastic park! I put out the word a couple of weeks ago to some friends to gauge interest. So far I have a grand total of 4 vehicles: 3 FJ's and a Humvee. I'm still in the early stages of planning, but...