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big bend; black gap trail

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  1. OverlandingDev

    New member checking in | Austin, TX area

    Hi all, new member here. I got back from my first trip last night and just got my badge today. Happy to be here, ready to get back out again, and looking forward to attending some events. Adding a picture of my rig, so say hello if you see me around.
  2. Hourless Life

    Big Bend National Park. Any tips?

    We'll be in Big Bend National Park this weekend. (Anyone else by chance?) For those that have been, any tips for campsites, overlanding sites, etc? We're really pumped. It's been on our bucket list for a hot minute. Thanks in advance. We're on our way to Overland Expo and the park was kind of...
  3. Terry Kilpatrick

    My Overland Maiden Voyage: Big Bend National Park

    I received my Overland Bound badge several weeks ago. However, I did not apply it to my rig because I had yet to take a Overland trek. In my mind I did not want it on the Jeep until I had "earned" it to some degree. Fortunately, an opportunity arose soon after I ordered the OB badge. A trip to...