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  1. D

    Name Badges Listed After Members Rank

    What are the various name badges listed after member's rank in their profile, what do they mean, and how does one obtain each of them if they are still possible to obtain (obviously Founding 500, etc aren't)? THANKS!
  2. BKD Dave

    Experimenter 1 Badge

    Experimenter 1 Badge Demonstrate two different methods for accomplishing the same goal in camp. Share with the community. Vehicle / Trailer Leveling: 1. Natures resources - logs, rocks, mounds 2. Man made resources - leveling blocks, maxtrac's (or equal) 3. Lucky enough to find a level campsite
  3. TDAWG

    Ordering new badges.

    I was wondering how long does it take after ordering new badges does it take for delivery?

    Referring new members

    I'm a new member to OB and overlanding in general but came from the Subaru racecar community and am still an active member of San Diego Subies. Is there a way to monitor or track referrals of new members? Is there a procedure in place to count toward badges and new member additions? I'm just...
  5. Michael

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Are you an Overland Bound Member with a membership number? If so, upgrade your forum account for free! You will gain access to the private Member Forums, the Member Map, and the Overland Bound Member Event Calendar! Post here with any questions. Post in this forums to have your account...
  6. bigrob8181

    Overland Bound MEMBER!

    So i have a few questions about my membership. I paid for a subscription to support your goals as i think you are doing a wonderful thing. This forum seems to be a great place to find help and knowledge on various overlanding activities. I have seen other forums that are very closed and promote...
  7. deeker

    Resolved Points System

    I see there are some people that have different 'levels' beside their username. Can you shed some light on what they represent and how these levels, badges and points are accumulated? Inquiring minds need to know. :yum:
  8. Alex_Kulbaka

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    I've purchased my emblem couple of days ago and trying to decide where to install mine once I receive it. I have Jeep Wrangler that comes with Trail Rated badge on the driver side fender. I know most people install their OB emblems exactly in that spot. I was thinking either installing mine on...