amateur radio

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  1. M Rose

    US Northwest Tri-Cities 2021 Summer Field Day

    The Spout Springs Repeater Association Field Day Event is near! We begin at 11 AM on Saturday morning June 26th, and conclude 24 hours later, at 11 AM Sunday morning, June 27th. Please join us! View Rally Point
  2. M Rose

    US Northwest PNW SOTA (Summits On The Air) Virtual Gathering

    Ken Hose KI7VEM the northwest Director for SOTA is hosting a zoom meeting for those that are interested in getting into Summits On The Air. Set your display name to your NAME + Callsign Topic: May 20 Virtual SOTA Gathering Time: May 20, 2021 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join...
  3. M Rose

    US Northwest Grande Ronde Radio Amateurs (W7GRA) Summer Field Day 2021

    Do you have your Amateur Radio License? Are you interested in getting your license? Do you have a radio, but unsure how to use it? Come visit us and get in the air. We will be conducting VE Testing as well as have several stations set up for you to have a chance to Get On The Air (GOTA)...
  4. ok4runner

    Enid Amateur Radio Club, HAM FEST

    ALL THINGS HAM RADIO!! We will have a Meet & Greet, Class Testing, Swap meet, Vendors, and best of all a Rig Show!! @enidamateurradioclub (Facebook)
  5. ok4runner

    Enid Amateur Radio Club, HAM Fest

    ALL THINGS HAM RADIO!! We will have a Meet & Greet, Class Testing, Swap meet, Vendors, and best of all a Rig Show!! @enidamateurradioclub (Facebook)
  6. Prerunner1982

    US Southwest Amateur Radio Technician (entry level) license class - Edmond, OK

    If you prefer a class based study instead of self study. Aug 27th - Oct 22, Tuesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm. Sign up: Edmond Amateur Radio Society (EARS) :|: Home Questions? contact
  7. Jedi

    US Northwest Sudden Valley Amateur Radio Club 2019-1 Spring Technician License Course and FCC Testing

    This event is being posted on behalf of the Sudden Valley Amateur Radio Club of Bellingham, WA, who is holding their Spring Technician License Course.
  8. TerryD

    *Ham Radio Fest* Frostfest 2019 Richmond, VA

    Hello Virginians! We've got the Richmond Frost Fest coming up Feb 2nd. There will be test sessions there as well as plenty of vendors and used gear! I've already ordered my early bird tickets and will be headed in that morning. If you want to meet up there, just give me a shout! More Info...
  9. D

    New Member - La Crosse, WI

    Goo evening from La Crosse, WI. New member to the site and relatively new to overlanding, not new to Jeeping. Truly looking forward to getting involved in this community and hopefully some upcoming rallies! 1) Picture! If you have a rig, we want to see it! 2) Locatoin: La Crosse, WI 3) Rig...
  10. nickburt

    International Amateur Radio ??

    Am I right in thinking that a license issued in any particular country is only valid in that country? For example, if I get a license in the UK, can I legally transmit while visiting another country?
  11. Kevigizmo

    UK Radio Comms

    In UK there are various "bands" which could be used for radio, CB - Citizens Band, is a common one amongst drivers of any vehicle (2x2, 4x4, 6x6 ect) PMR - Professional mobile radio (or known as Personal Mobile Radio), is the next...
  12. Mad Garden Gnome

    Summits On The Air

    Some one asked me what SOTA is, so I did a brief description. I thought I would expand it a bit here, as it could tie into Overlanding, IMO. Summits On The Air Website Governmental Geological Surveys have qualifying parameters of what a summit is. As summiting is an activity, so is operating...