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  1. Wildebeest

    FOR SALE - Sacramento / Northern California - Alucab Canopy (camper shell) for 2nd-3rd gen Toyota Tacoma Short Bed

    Hey guys, I'm selling my Alu-cab Canopy for SB 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma. I ordered the canopy about 8 months ago and its been installed on the truck for 6-7 months. Comes with a set of the Alu-cab load bars, which should be compatible with any roof top tent mounting system and a driver side...
  2. TSnider

    Alucab Gen 3

    I do my best to cut to the chase.
  3. Wildebeest_Outdoors

    Wildebeest Outdoors build thread

    Everyone has to start their build thread off with an epic, filthy shot from the mall right? Ok, now to get to the meat and potatoes. I am Adam, not new to overlanding but I am new to the west coast. Recently transplanted from Virginia to Northern California with my dog and my tacoma. The truck...