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  1. Slopitch

    Talledega NF

    Headed out today to solo in Talledega National Forest. Starting with FSR 600-1 just east of Sylacauga, AL.
  2. ChrispyChris

    California Road Trip: Part 1 - Wingin' It

    Hey guys! At the end of summer, my girlfriend and I headed west to California in her little Jeep Renegade. Here's the video from the first leg of the trip: I know it's not typical overlanding (maybe should've taken the Tundra...), but it was definitely an adventurous journey! Let us know...
  3. Cwilli17

    Mississippi / Louisiana / Alabama

    My name is Chris. I live in Hattiesburg MS, and it didn’t take me long to find that there is not a whole lot of us here in the Gulf South. I’ve done quite a bit of looking on OB and there doesn’t appear to be a thread dedicated to the Gulf South so I decided to make one! This thread is...
  4. flyboytr

    Greetings from L.A. (Lower Alabama)

    My wife and I have enjoyed camping and outdoor adventures together for 30 years. The scope of this covers everything from our bus, to boat and beach camping (sail and power), tent camping, backpacking and hammock camping. We find it amazing that as we have gotten older, simpler things seem to...
  5. killallninjas

    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    Our weekend plans for camping with a group in N. Georgia were sacked when some nasty weather scared off most. We decided to head toward the storm to change the timing of the weather a bit. We hunkered down to get through a pretty nasty storm which brought the nice cold weather with it, and we...
  6. thedaddybadger

    SOLD Brand New CVT Mt. Shasta Extended, Summit Series, with Annex & Stargazer - GRAY

    Brand New: Purchased 3/29/2017 Used only 7 nights total. The annex has never been used except as a display. Mt. Shasta Summit, Extended Version, w/ Annex Room & Stargazer. This is a screaming deal for a brand new tent; basically 20% off. Retails New for $2,795.00 + Shipping. YOUR PRICE...
  7. thedaddybadger

    Peach State Overland: 3rd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Camp & Ride (May 27 - May 29, 2017

    Posted in the Southeast Forum - but sharing here as well to spread the word. Get 411 here, if you'd like to join along for a Memorial Day Weekend Camp & Ride.
  8. thedaddybadger

    Peach State Overland's 3rd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Camp & Ride

    Hey Peach State neighbors, Dan "Daddy Badger" here from PSO. Wanted to encourage you to block your calendars for Memorial Day Weekend. Our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Camp & Ride will be May 27-29. Hope you can join us. Details will be announced in next few weeks. We're working on a...
  9. JMY24

    May 7th Georgia Traverse Trip

    Mid September was my first trip with Overland Bound members. Our goal was to scout out the Georgia Traverse by covering as many miles of it as we could in one weekend. Starting in the Suches, GA area, we headed East and covered roughly 100 miles of the Traverse reaching NC before running out...
  10. ExploreDesert

    ExploreDesert: Alabama Hills - Laurel Lakes - Mono Lake - Bodie - Coyote Flats

    This trip to the Eastern Sierras was originally planned to take place last summer as a way for us desert dwellers to escape the heat. But as our departure time grew closer, personal plans began to change and ended up not working out. In a way, it was better that way - giving me time to refine...
  11. The_Outdoor_Powerlifter

    Alabama, TN, GA

    Hello everyone I currently live in North Alabama (Huntsville), looking for some back country trails to wheel and camp. I am novice, we have some trail parks but I really want to get out and explore and camp and to get away from all the people, just be with my friends and other people interested...