4x4 trailer

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  1. theMightyGoose

    Can anyone ID this bike rack?

    Can anyone ID this bike rack? I think it's out of Australia. I don't think it would work for my 29" MTB on the front of my Patriot X1, but I'm interested in bike storage options for the X1. Bikes on the roof are not great, and having them on the back interferes with the spare tire carrier...
  2. GHCOE

    A Foamie as a Overlanding Trailer? I guess it is now....

    Some people said the Foamie would not make it down the freeway. Well we have proved them wrong. Now it is time to venture into the overlanding scene. This is what I call the Bug Out. It is economical to build and super light. Working out the "BUG's" to get it to be a capable overlanding/off...