33's vs 31's

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  1. 805RADO

    Fitting 35"s on a Silverado

    Hello everyone! So I was trying to get some knowledge on the impacts of attempting to fit 35"s on a Silverado and I would greatly appreciate anyone input. Current set up: 2017 Z71 4x4 5.3l V8 Silverado Leveled 2.5" with Goodyear Wargler Duratrack 31"s So I found this stock set up to be quite...
  2. Boort

    Any one run 2 sets of tires? One for Daily driver and one for Overlanding?

    Good Day all, I'm considering putting a small lift and some sliders on to my otherwise stock 97 Tacoma. for the last 20 years this truck has run on Michelin AT(x/2) 31's Great tires for on road, quiet and run for 80-90k miles a set, but the tread leaves much to be desired for off road use. I...