2nd gen

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  1. KA7USA

    SOLD Complete Tacoma Bed Camping System: ARE DCU Wedge cap/shell/topper, wooden sleep platform/cabinets/drawers/coffin cabinets

    Topper/Cap SOLD April 23,2020 - Sleeping Platform and Bedrug reposted in separate posts. OKLAHOMA - Midwest City, Oklahoma (South East suburb of Oklahoma City) Selling complete Tacoma bed camping outfit together or separate. Shipping: Not willing to ship large items. Am willing to travel up...
  2. Connor M

    Arizona --> Alaska

    Hello! Welcome to my build thread. I'd like to start by noting that I am new to the Overland game and new to truck upgrades. This is a living thread and will be updated as each upgrade is added. The following is a list of upgrades I'd like to accomplish before heading to Alaska from Arizona...
  3. AreWeThereYet

    2014 Tacoma TRD Off-Road spinning my wheels build

    Here's my build thread, the end goal is to have a truck that I'm just as comfortable driving across the country as I am driving on the trail. 2014 Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab, Short Bed, TRD Off-Road 4x4 After enjoying my Scion tC for almost a decade I bought a Tacoma in November of 2015...
  4. Philip Brown

    2nd Gen 4runner

    I kind of fell into this old 4runner. My daily driver broke down, nothing major, but a family member lent me this 4runner for a few days while my car was fixed. The 4runner had been driven about 200 miles the previous 2 years, most of that in one trip. After talking and weighing options he...