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  1. wasuber

    Overland Loop, Tahuya Wa - 09/03/2017

    I was out there today with my RZR and I have to say my Sequoia is no where near ready! That park is fun though!!! Met up with some cool dudes with the UTV Olympia Facebook group and we did half the 4x4 loop then went back to the Elfendahl staging area and grabbed my boys Polaris ACE 150 and I...
  2. wasuber

    Sequoia build

    Holy cow nice build! Glad I found it, and we're almost twins! I went Sequoia as well because I wanted the extra power for towing UTV's and the ability to go anywhere and set up camp and go have fun. I've got suspension basics down, tires, safety, towing handled, LED lighting for both rig and...
  3. wasuber

    Overland Loop, Tahuya Wa - 09/03/2017

    Pretty sure I'll be out there with you guys, need to get outside!
  4. wasuber

    Members Instagram ID

    @wasuber little bit of everything on there, mostly cars, trucks, food, beer, travel, animals! The important stuff!
  5. wasuber

    Camp Photos!

    First time out near Olympia, Capitol State Forest right at the entrance of the UTV etc.. trails. Washington State! Breaking in my new toys with my 10 year old, his Polaris ACE 150 is on the other side. We were there for the first time so we made a base camp at a ORV park until we could find a...
  6. wasuber

    Brand New Member #7089

    Welcome, my RTT was my favorite purchase this year! Changed the whole camping and off roading game for me.
  7. wasuber

    Suspension upgrades inbound

    Suspension upgrades inbound
  8. wasuber

    Overland Loop, Tahuya Wa - 09/03/2017

    This place is next on my list of places to scope out for camping, UTV, horse camping etc! I might see you guys out there, Can't RSVP at this time but maybe closer to the day.
  9. wasuber


    Hello all! I have some pictures I'll share when I am able to do so, in the process of building/maintaining a camp/tow/recreational all around go anywhere rig. I'm located in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest, 18 miles east of Seattle in Woodinville. I have a 2006 Toyota Sequoia SR5 that...
  10. wasuber

    Hello from the woods of SE Pierce Co., WA

    Hello from Woodinville! King County, nice list of vehicles!