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    DIY Hi Lift Mounts-advice please?

    So what'd you end up using finally? I'm trying to find/have made something to hold it up in my truck bed, along the side, above the wheel well, under the bed rail.
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    My Wait is Finally Over.

    Such a very awesome rig. Well done sir.
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    This is what I have as well. It's awesome.
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    Truck or Jeep?

    Yeah... no joke. On the real though, keep the truck ;) ...but I'm not biased or anything LOL
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    Truck or Jeep?

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    Truck or Jeep?

    I second this on both the save-the-capacity-keep-the-truck AND the we-sleep-on-the-ground notes!
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    ColoradoPacific's 2014 Tacoma Build

    Nice! Lookin' good! Very interested to see the new rear bumper.
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    Facebook Group for OB Northwest Region

    Joined. Well, requested anyway. The rest is up to you! LOL
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    Testing the waters...

    I'm planning something like this with some folks for late July. Just loose plans for now. Any interest in doing the whole thing?
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    FOR SALE Give Wasabi a new home! 1999 Montero/Pajero

    Posted for a friend:
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    My USA/Canada Overland trip...

    So cool that you're getting to do this! Be safe, and have an awesome trip!!
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    GPS Failure Scenario

    Real talk? I'd be screwed and leaning on those around me for help... LOL By birth, I'm a city boy. Born and raised in Miami, FL. Haven't gotten a chance to be outdoors much until recently, and have a lot on my to-learn list. Until then, no solo trips!
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    What do you do for a living?

    At least 2 a week, yeah... mostly personality transplants though. Ohhhhh, teenagers... :laughing:
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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a trauma/ICU/organ transplant nurse, currently working at a high school (so I can have the same schedule as my wife, who is a teacher). Will probably transition to teaching nursing school, or working hospice... not sure yet.