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  1. Tango Tiger

    New Member

    Welcome to OB. The AT Overland toppers are really cool.
  2. Tango Tiger

    What trip are you planning?

    Nicely done. That looks like a hell of a trip and a lot of good planning.
  3. Tango Tiger

    Share your Overlanding videos here

    I’ve watched several of your videos over the last few days and really enjoyed them.
  4. Tango Tiger

    New guy here.

    Welcome aboard, Jason.
  5. Tango Tiger

    What trip are you planning?

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much time do you have slotted for your TX>Anchorage>Prudhoe Bay trip?
  6. Tango Tiger

    What trip are you planning?

    So far I’m kind of regretting asking the question. These answers are making me jealous. Haha
  7. Tango Tiger

    What trip are you planning?

    That sounds like a great trip. Colorado and Utah are both amazing. That water heater will be real nice for a winter trip!
  8. Tango Tiger

    4runner SR5 vs Off road trail ?

    I went through the same dilemma in the months leading up to purchasing my 4Runner. I opted for the TRD OR mostly because it came with the locker. KDSS is not standard on the TRD OR, at least it wasn’t the last time I checked. Is crawl control necessary? No. Will it get you out of everything? No...
  9. Tango Tiger

    What trip are you planning?

    Like the title says, I’m curious what trip you’re planning. What area are you going to? Have you been there before? How far in advance are you planning your trip?
  10. Tango Tiger

    Gear that I can't go without

    This doesn’t apply to “always”, but if it’s cold and I’m sleeping in a ground tent, I like to put an insulated sleeping pad on my cot.
  11. Tango Tiger

    What's your latest camping gear purchase, and what caused you to buy it?

    We bought another 100 watt solar panel to go along with the one we already had. We purchased the additional panel to decrease the amount of time it takes to recharge our goal zero and chained battery bank.
  12. Tango Tiger

    2012 FJ Cruiser

    Thanks for converting the odometer reading to mileage so I didn’t have to consult google for the conversion. :laughing: That’s a great rig with a nice set up. Good for you. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  13. Tango Tiger

    Oregon overland camping

    @Chad Michael, to answer your question to genocache, yes, both of the YouTube channels he mentioned are people from Oregon and most of their videos are in Oregon.
  14. Tango Tiger

    US Southwest Dispersed Camping Tonto NF, Arizona

    Thanks a bunch for the information. It sounds like you must have been in that area just before the Horton fire I read about, which was in that area. Based on what I read, it seems they were able to get that fire under control fairly quickly without it spreading beyond a few acres.
  15. Tango Tiger

    US Southwest Dispersed Camping Tonto NF, Arizona

    Thanks so much for the tip. Is that an area with good spots to camp or something better to check out as just a day activity?