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    SOLD Gazelle T3 Hub Tent (3 Person) Flash Sale going on NOW!

    I bought the G5 gazebo recently to get away from the bugs. I like it. I bought two sets of three panels to add walls for wind or to make it a changing room for the wife.
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    SOLD Sold

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    SOLD 5 x Rigid Industries 20211 pods $200

    Received quickly! Seller went above and beyond!
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    SOLD 5 x Rigid Industries 20211 pods $200

    Replied to PM. I’ll take them. Thanks George
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    SOLD 5 x Rigid Industries 20211 pods $200

    Hello, interested in your lights. Standard connectors on them? And/or wiring/relays included?
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    US Southwest SOLD AluCab Shadow Awn 270 Los Angeles SOLD

    Sold - I have a left side (driver side) awning available in Los Angeles. Good condition. No issues at all $Sold It came with the gen 3 tent that I bought. I already had a passenger side. Also have a FrontRunner Slimline 2 mount for a Shadow Awn (used). Mount is designed for passenger side...
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    Land Rover Disco... to buy or not?!

    I use: There is a San Diego LR club and a So Cal LR club too. We’re going to Hungry Valley OHV on Saturday 5/5/18 with the club. Would be great to meet you and the family. There are a couple of vendors for parts and steel bits like bumpers and...
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    Land Rover Disco... to buy or not?!

    Welcome to the Land Rover club! I really enjoy my LR3. I intentionally bought a project and have spent money where I needed to first and then wanted to. LR owners are a great bunch of enthusiasts. Many of the LR3 have the same weak points and there is a lot of knowledge out there that is...
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    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    KM6MQV Glendale, CA on a Yaesu FT2-DR handheld
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    New Member from California

    Saw one of those at the dealer.... Very nice!
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    LR3 in Los Angeles/Glendale area

    White LR3 with a snorkel and Front Runner rack running around Montrose.... Bought it about 8 months ago with a destroyed motor and lots of deferred maintenance. All good now and thinking of sliders and bumpers... Often able to get out on weekends.