Southwest SOLD AluCab Shadow Awn 270 Los Angeles SOLD

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Sold - I have a left side (driver side) awning available in Los Angeles. Good condition. No issues at all $Sold It came with the gen 3 tent that I bought. I already had a passenger side.

Also have a FrontRunner Slimline 2 mount for a Shadow Awn (used). Mount is designed for passenger side. I had to cut off one of the bolts as the Stainless steel head stripped out. Mount could be used on the driver’s side, but logo would be upside down. $SOLD or get it free with the awning.

I’m willing to ship the mount, but not the awning unless you handle all of the logistics. Send me a message with an email address if you would pictures. The awning isn’t mounted, so pics of anything other than the exterior cover will be difficult.

Cash face to face or PayPal preferred.
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