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  • Packing up for a little weekend trip. Last camping trip before school starts back on Monday.
    Unloaded the rig and now just have I to clean up the gear and get it ready to go for the next trip. Now what for the next trip?
    Our week of perpetual motion has ended. I can kick off the shoes, sit on the couch and pet the dogs..... Once I get the rig unloaded
    Spent last night up on Little Reservoir above Beaver,UT. at 7372'. We dropped down 5272' and gained around 30° F. Viva Las Vegas! Last day on the trip then heading home.
    Just spent two days exploring Dinosaur National Monument. Camped along the Green River below the split in the mountain. Heading southwest from here to camp in favourite spot up in the mountain above Beaver, UT.
    Spending the night in Green River after a great drive from Monument Valley up though Moab to the shadow of the Rockies. Heading further North tomorrow. Hopefully fining some more dinosaur tracks.
    Packing for a trip. Going looking for Dinasours and Dinasour tracks with my 8-year-old daughter in AZ, CO, and UT. Spending the first night in Monument Valley. Bebopping through Moad and Arches then spending two nights in Dinasour National Monument. Camping down by the Green River.
    Getting ready for a 7 day trip through AZ, UT maybe CO, and NV. Taking out the "new" rig for the first big trip.
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    Sounds great! Heading out in July for a very similar trip, can’t wait! Have fun!
    Wow! Coming out from Nashville. I'm in the Phoenix area so it is just a drive up the road for us. One of our main goals is Dinosaur National Monument. There is some great areas to camp along the Green River and my 8 year old is super in to Dinosaurs right now.
    Stuck backstage again but at least got to hang in my Hammock. Counting down to 3 days in the woods next weekend.
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