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    US West OverlandBound Westside LA Meetup

    Awesome thank you see you soon
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    US West OverlandBound Westside LA Meetup

    Is this happening near the petsmart and party city area? Same coordinates as the rally point?
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    Explore Moab after picking up our Go Fast Camper - 11/16/2018

    If I have not shipped out yet I might be down to join during the utah portion as it is closer for me to drive up to then head back home to LA when the trip is over.
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    US West OverlandBound Westside LA Meetup

    Wont be able to make it this coming saturday unfortunately because I have navy training early in the morning but do update what was discussed on that day!!
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    Kaiser Pass Run - 06/29/2018

    Oh I didn’t know I thought the meetup place was going to be at the specific area
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    Kaiser Pass Run - 06/29/2018

    I will be leaving very early Friday morning from Riverside area so planning on leaving with the AM group. Will get in contact with the morning group in a bit once I have finalized plans and such. This will be my first experience with a group so I would prefer a moderate difficulty. Cell: (213)...
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    Kaiser Pass Run - 06/29/2018

    5160 Cherry Ave, San Jose, CA 95118 Is this the address for the AM group to be meeting at? I will be coming from Los Angeles
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    Rig Photos

    have any more shots of your car? looks really sick
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    Kaiser Pass Run - 06/29/2018

    Not sure if I am included in this run although I did opt in interest in earlier comments. But if I am, I can leave anytime on Friday and down to do whatever works for everyone
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    Oregon Outback

    Might be interested in joining along. Went up to those areas for my spring break to find most of the areas closed due to weather conditions and was by myself at the time... would be great to revisit the areas with company!
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    July - 2018 WABDR - 07/15/2018

    I might be interested in tagging along in the trip, depending if it does not conflict with another trip I have planned around the same time. Whats the plan with this trip and how many people are for sure interested?
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    City Creek trail - 06/09/2018

    I am down to come along as well if time permits.
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    Kaiser Pass Run - 06/29/2018

    Hopefully the RSVP section works soon. What is the difficulty rate of this trip?
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    Kaiser Pass Run - 06/29/2018

    Possible in. 3 including myself.
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    Red Canyon Jeep Trail Run - 03/17/2018

    I unfortunately cant go anymore because of finals :(