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  1. Joeygo

    Another xj

    I've lived in California my whole life. I've always wrenched on vehicles. I have never had to deal with the rust issues like you guys back east. Great job on the XJ. Looks good.
  2. Joeygo

    Help guys..

    Just guessing but it sounds like a bad throwout bearing to me.
  3. Joeygo

    98 XJ Cherokee, TN build/questions

    You don't always need lockers.They are nice but not always needed. I climbed into this rockpile with no effort a LSD and open front diff.
  4. Joeygo

    98 XJ Cherokee, TN build/questions

    I agree with Phildirt. No spools. This makes it a solid axle. Not a option on a street driven daily driver. I also wouldn't put an Aussie locker in the front or the rear. My solution for my rig is to put a LSD in the rear like a truetrac and a selectable in the front if needed. This will get me...
  5. Joeygo

    98 XJ Cherokee, TN build/questions

    It really depends on what you want to do. If your wanting max traction for rock crawling. Then being able to lock your diffs is a big plus. I think that the best bang for your buck is a selectable locker in the rear and running the front as it is (open diff). Everyone has an opinion on this...
  6. Joeygo

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    I just got mine #6396