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  1. invAZ1AN

    Who's upgrading their rig or planning a trip with their tax return?

    After weeks of procrastinating to file my taxes, i decided to take a decent weekend here in the great PNW to get them filed. Got me thinking, if i was to use my refund on upgrading my rig, or for a dope trip sometime this year. What are you going to do to your rig, or where are you going to go...
  2. invAZ1AN


    Whats up fellow Overlanders, Location: Puyallup (South Seattle),WA Rigs: 2006 Ford F150 FX4 & 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland experienced overlander
  3. invAZ1AN

    New Fire Pit

    That would be nice for burn bans!
  4. invAZ1AN

    Where's the 11GEN F150's @!?

    Whats up guys. my current rig/build is a 2006 ford f150 FX4, except for the new KO2 tires, everything is stock. Ideally looking for fellow 11 gen rigs to follow, but will appreciate any advice for my build. Thanks in advance and PROST!!
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    Welcome to the OB community! Just moved from Houston, TX and liked exploring the great state while i was there ( Even during the extreme Summers lol). Stay safe and see you out there!
  6. invAZ1AN


    Welcome Linda! See you out there and stay safe
  7. invAZ1AN

    Where am I??

    Welcome Tim! See you guys out there!
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    Thanks M ROSE! Stay Well and safe to you too
  9. invAZ1AN

    Overland Bound Founding Principles

    What an awesome story!!! My childhood was filled with the great PNW outdoors, and after 20 years i have finally moved back to Seattle, WA to dive back in!! Thanks for creating Overland Bound and look forward to the ADVENTURES
  10. invAZ1AN


    Whats up! This is Anthony from Seattle,WA. I'm an IBEW electrician out of Seattle local. Ive been a big fan of Overlanding, and am an active outdoorsman. I just got my 2006 Ford F150, in December 2019. Was stocked pretty well, but now the fun part begins as i plan on the new build for my rig...
  11. invAZ1AN

    Trail Security

    45 in the rig, 9mm when i hike