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  1. Henk

    Eastern Province Saudi Arabia. Weekend camping in the desert... join us

    I'm hosting a Friday/Saturday camping trip to Yellow Lake this weekend. After some solid rain over the last week or two; the wetlands should be full and the fishing great. OB members or like minded enthusiasts are welcome to join us (2 Prados and 1 4Runner), we need a jeep to practice our...
  2. Henk

    Lets see some trail photos!

    AZ; UT and COL
  3. Henk

    Preferred way to cook?

    Fire and cast iron when we can (fire bans in AZ and UT), but two burner and small hiking stove with aluminium pots/pans for backup
  4. Henk

    An Aussie's discovery of USA Overlanding

    Back"home" after a 12000 mile round trip, and still blown away by the amazing camping / overlanding opportunities. Below are some favourites along the way
  5. Henk

    OME suspension Denver Co area

    Suspension update: Slee was very helpful but couldn't schedule the job for a few weeks. This was my short term solution, till further notice
  6. Henk

    OME suspension Denver Co area

    Thank you Cuse Runner, will give them a call tomorrow
  7. Henk

    OME suspension Denver Co area

    Well, as expected, the rear air suspension on my GX470 failed. .. due to human error and nothing to do with this great overland platform. Had the car serviced (90k miles) and came back with one airbag rupturrd and both out of position and failing. I plan to replace it with an OME 2,5" lift...
  8. Henk

    Halfmoon Creek- Leadville, CO - 07/07/2018

    Hi SoCoTaco, The picture alone is enough to get us interested. denver now, wairing for Toyota yo complete the 90k mile aervice on my GX470. What are rhe proposed dates, would love to meet some overlanders while we're in town. Heading into the mountains tomorrow and will be around for a...
  9. Henk

    An Aussie's discovery of USA Overlanding

    With 3 months to spare, a passion for exploring and a "new" stock 2004 GX470, I'm heading on the solo adventure of a lifetime! I'll post updates on the GX's build and my decision processes along the way; share photos, thoughts and impressions while discovering this amazing cohntry and sone of...
  10. Henk

    Overland Expo 2018 WEST Caravan - Arizona Convoy - Overland Expo WEST - 05/17/2018

    Thank you Venture Overland...dont mind if i do. At the Phoenix convoy rally point now, see you this afternoon. Im hammock camping, thus a small footprint [emoji252] Sent from my SM-G955F using OB Talk mobile app
  11. Henk

    Arizona Overlanders

    Picked up the GX470 yesterday!! Do im definitely in for some dispersed camping around OEW. Will kit up today. Will camp south of Phoenix on Thursday night and join the Arizona convoy to Flagstaff. Sent from my SM-G955F using OB Talk mobile app
  12. Henk

    G'day from Saudi

    Picked up the GX470 today. Now the next journey begins (will grab some kit today after a recon trip to Bass Pro yesterday). Ready to cstch up with dome OB members at OEW this weekend Sent from my SM-G955F using OB Talk mobile app
  13. Henk

    Arizona Overlanders

    JackP that sounds like a plan. After OEW I'm making my way towards Wyoming and Yellowstone, following the Continental Devide north. Sent from my SM-G955F using OB Talk mobile app
  14. Henk

    Arizona Overlanders

    G,day Ovevrland-Equipt, I arrive in Phoenix on the 13th, to pick up a vehicle and start a 3 month overland trip. The plan is to do Overland West, and like you - to disperse camp on the way there and back. Solo traveler (for the first month at least) and just had my box of camping stuff shipped...
  15. Henk

    Cross Country Move/Overland Trip

    Hey SWS, Good luck k with your final preparations. Truck looks greatly. Looking forward to the updates! Sent from my SM-G955F using OB Talk mobile app