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  1. HeandSheOverland

    GPS Coordinate Format - What say you?

    I prefer DMS since that is what I use at work, but decimal degrees are easy to understand and say quickly. UTM and MGRS always take like 7 years to say the whole location so I don't like those. I always laugh when I see people giving out coords in any format down to inches. Unless you're...
  2. HeandSheOverland

    FOR SALE 4Runner / Tacoma / T100 / Tundra 5VZFE Engine - Rocklin, CA.

    Hello! I am selling my 5VZ-FE / 5VZFE Engine. I originally bought this engine to do a 3.4 swap in my 4runner, but I stopped the project. I am moving soon so I need to get rid of the motor before moving. This engine comes from a 2002 4Runner SR5. I bought the engine from Rancho Toyota...
  3. HeandSheOverland

    Using a Generator while camping?

    I had been considering getting a small generator to run a heated blanket for very cold camping during the winter. Put the generator outside and run a long extension cable to the back of the truck and keep warm and cozy!
  4. HeandSheOverland

    What is your rigs name

    My 4Runner is named "Oscar"! It's named after the Sesame Street character! He's green and he's a grouch just like my 4Runner! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  5. HeandSheOverland

    Hello from Northern California!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! Planning on going to the Sacramento meetup this week, so we'll see how that goes!
  6. HeandSheOverland

    Hello from Northern California!

    We've been on a couple of trails around here so far, but we have had a lot of issues with closed roads! Hopefully that luck will improve soon! Thanks!
  7. HeandSheOverland

    Hello from Northern California!

    Hello everybody! I'm Anthony and I'm the "He" in He and She Overland. My wife and I are getting into overlanding and we are excited to spend more time out on the trails! We have a 1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 that's almost completely stock. Looking forward to meeting up with new people and...