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  1. Harold The Dog

    Members Instagram ID

    harry_harrington not many pics but
  2. Harold The Dog

    Roll Call....Australia ?

    Hi Paul here just Checking in saw this app...2 land cruisers and counting
  3. Harold The Dog

    Overland Rigs Australia

    Ar Are you there now or old photo?
  4. Harold The Dog

    Overland Rigs Australia

    Like your rear awning, what make is it?
  5. Harold The Dog

    Overland Rigs Australia

    Moreton Island, BTW nice set up Scott Murray
  6. Harold The Dog


    Melting yes...freezing no...
  7. Harold The Dog


    Maxtrax are good they do work, but are twice the price. The shovel design is good in sand. Doubling them up they also work as good ramps. Not sure about the cold?
  8. Harold The Dog

    Overland Bound Emblems!

    Got the badges, and on thank you.
  9. Harold The Dog


    1) Picture Moreton Island, Qld 2) Brisbane, Australia 3) 2016 Toyota Landcruiser GXL 4) Travelled a number of locations in Australia by car, motorbike and boat Looking at planning an American Trip, and here looks like a good place to start...