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    Wife and I were out in San Diego a few years ago, and I was able to grab a couple of bottles. Went to Staples and grabbed some bubble wrap, and packed it in my luggage. Good stuff, for sure.
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    If you've never had it, Dirt Wolf from Victory brewing is one of my favorite DIPA's.
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    The OFFICIAL Trans NJ Trail Thread

    Piney pin stripes! Love it!
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    Been laying off the craft beer for the past few months, trying to lose some weight. I do love the big stouts and porters, though. My brother in law gave me a bottle of Founders CBS for Christmas, so I'm planning on drinking that after I'm down another 10lbs. Home brewing used to be one of my...
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    Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

    Astar I used to fly, now in a Bell 206.
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    Frontier and Navara Peeps

    My pretty much stock 2016 SV. Will be getting new tires soon, and currently building a deck with drawers for the bed.
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    Members Instagram ID

    @skyforcepilot Nothing really overlanding related yet, mostly my Mustang restoration, and other miscellaneous things.
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    This pending snow storm

    Here in south jersey it’s gonna be mostly rain. I’m really tired of rain on the weekends. Should make for some muddy trails, until they freeze over in Monday. Highs in the teens forecast.
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    Any apps for older IOS?

    Thanks guys. For now, I can use my phone to play with the app. I’ll need it eventually when I venture further from home.
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    Any apps for older IOS?

    I wanted to get the Gaia app on my Ipad Mini, but it's the first gen model and can't get newer than IOS 9.4.5. The Gaia app requires IOS 10 minimum. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a similar app that might work with the older IOS? Thanks Frank
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    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    Picked up this 13.5ft tandem last summer at West Marine. On sale at the time for under $500. From my research it’s a rebranded Perception kayak. This is my first yak, but I’ve had a great time with it so far. It’s easily manageable paddling solo.
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    who likes bacon :)

    Just came across this thread. Thought it would have been a couple hundred pages long. I love bacon!
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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Gonna be tires. I’ve been running the OEM Hankook HT’s and they are far from good off-road. On the pavement they’re great, though. Not sure what I’ll be going with, my last Frontier I had Toyo Open Countries, and loved them. Any opinions, let me know.
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    The Official Unofficial New Jersey Thread

    Gonna show my age here. My first time through the pines in the snow was after the blizzard of 96, in my 95 Nissan Hardbody. Had a blast! Hoping we actually get some snow soon, I'd like to get out there again.
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    North-East OB presence?

    New guy from Northern Burlington County NJ.