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  1. er waddell

    US West Fall trip to Whitmore Overlook

    We had planned to go to Overland Expo West in Flagstaff. We are waiting to see if our camper is delivered on time. Whitmore is a great trip as well. Decisions,
  2. er waddell

    Why did I get a dual zone Dometic fridge/freezer? What will I freeze?

    The dual zones allow you to use both side as a fridge too. I bought the huge 75 dometic, and it is much larger than I need. I have both sides set to freeze and I have overflow meats in it now. lol I did purchase a smaller dual zone to use in my fj on trips. Something really nice about pulling...
  3. er waddell

    Mission Overland Summit

    I have one on order. Waiting for my build to be started. I was told that they have moved to a new building and should start production soon.
  4. er waddell

    Drifta and Quickpitch Privacy Tent.

    Just an update on my privacy tent issue. Quick Pitch has sent me a replacement unit. I am very pleased at the final outcome.
  5. er waddell

    How many have/use a rtt annex?

    We have used ours a few times. When it's chilly I set up the buddy heater in the annex. We have sat inside away from the wind. The potty was set up in there a few times as well. Before the addition of the ensuite. (Which is still broken. I would not recommend drifta for support or quickpitch...
  6. er waddell

    US West Las Vegas OB Members-Ghost Hunting At Delamar

    The Mt Polosi fire is said to be man made. Current fire restrictions in Delamar area?
  7. er waddell

    Privacy Tents

    Lol, sometimes that is the option we use when we can.
  8. er waddell

    Privacy Tents

    That looks like a very nice tent. I may have been vague in my question. I am looking for shower/ bathroom shower tents. We have a roof top tent, and have a fold out privacy tent on the otherwise of the truck. Looking at my options to replace the broken one I have now. Thanks for sharing
  9. er waddell

    Privacy Tents

    Wow, that's nice and big! It's everything in one package. Very nice. I am looking for fold outs mostly. Although I do prefer that for a multi-day setup. Thanks
  10. er waddell

    Privacy Tents

    I will indeed check them out. Pricing is great. I paid $600 for mine. I only used 3 times before the pivot seized, and the metal arm bent. I just received an email from the Quickpitch. Drifta told me I must have done something wrong, and I was on my own. Quickpitch offered to ship the parts. We...
  11. er waddell

    Privacy Tents

    I am looking to replace my current faulty "Quick Pitch En Suite" privacy tent that I bought from Drifta. I need to increase my wife's comfort when we travel. What is everyone using? Positive/ negative experiences? Cost? Expensive is not a guarantee of quality. Thanks for your help.
  12. er waddell

    Thoughts on the Garmin Montana

    In full operation mode it has 12 -18 hrs of battery. In expedition mode it last for many many days. You have to read the literature, but I leave mine in my gear bag for a week or more in between trips and it has power when I use it again. It charges from a USB-c. I have it sitting in its mount...
  13. er waddell

    Thoughts on the Garmin Montana

    I am still working with this task.
  14. er waddell

    Thoughts on the Garmin Montana

    It is really tough. Brick like even. The worst part is carrying it. I purchased a kydex like holder from Amazon. I leave my vehicle for a few hours for the hikes, then put it back into the vehicle mount. No issues with battery yet. You can extend battery with expedition mode. I did have an...
  15. er waddell

    Thoughts on the Garmin Montana

    I have been using the Montana 700i. I was really interested in the use of inreach in my GPS unit. I connect to my samsung tablet. I use the connect and explore software, as well as Gaia, onX, and offroad explorer. The Garmin software on the tablet is OK. A bit of a learning curve. Garmin...