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    Seriously a Bronco?

    This is the pic set I saw...
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    what is your go-to tire?

    STT PROs here as well. Great tire! I have two sets of wheels though. DDs and Trail.... if I only had one set, I’d go w STT MAXX
  3. DividedSky

    Seriously a Bronco?

    I saw some sneak peak pics of the new one and I think they missed the mark. If it actually lik the pics I saw... Looks like a Ranger w a weird cap.
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    New Tundra! Help Please!

    Thanks. Many many wasted hours at work on
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    What boots do members wear

    I’ll agree w you that a good quality pair is worth the $$ since they will last way longer and fit better the whole time. And like I said, my Lowa boots were great. Lasted me 15 years, much of which was in crappy New England snow/slush. Eventually the mid-sole disintegrated though, but I...
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    What boots do members wear

    It took me a while to get used to their narrow soles/heel, but love my Lowa boots. Lol. Wait a sec... Lowa as my last pair. Yeah, great boots. Now I have Asolo. Also awesome boots btw. You really shouldn’t pledge blind allegiance to any one brand though. Like a wise man once said, it...
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    • Axe & Shovel Recommendations

    I would highly recommend getting a Pulaski axe over a standard axe. It still has the good chopping axe head, but it also has a "hoe" end. I've done hundreds of hours of trail-work and the Pulaski is the #1 tool I go for. Where I live (SoCal) the ground is often hard as a rock, and there...
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    New Tundra! Help Please!

    1) It depends... How many people do you need to transport? 1-2... Go double-cab for more bed space 3 or more, go with the crew. I use mine as my DD and I have 3 kids, so CREW was a necessity. 2) Honestly, I'd go with the NEW vehicle. Warranty is #1 reason why. Only significant...
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    Coffee Set Ups

    :tearsofjoy: Agreed. Ideal French press method is to slightly agitate the grounds when they go in to remove the CO2 that can gas off and prevent full saturation of the grounds. I’ve used French press exclus for 15 years. Unfortunately I only discover the best way to use one recently...
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    Anyone sleep in their truck bed? (No shell)

    Haha. Very true. Luckily I’m happily married and my wife (when she comes along) can sleep through anything. SHES A KEEPER Thought about a RTT and that would be ultimate versatility assuming I get one without a long setup time. Till then, truck bed it is!
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    Anyone sleep in their truck bed? (No shell)

    I started this overland thing initially through mountain biking. Camping was just what we did between rides all over California and Vegas/Utah area. Initially I used a full sized tent, then a small bivy. The bivy was nice be I could set it up and tear down in about 3 minute which was nice for...
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    33's or 35's??????

    I forget which vid it was in, but Michael (OB#1) said, "If you are debating 35's, DONT... Just DO IT" (or something along those lines)
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    Overlanding Raptor Build

    At least on tundras, no. Don’t have to recalibrate.
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    California Overland Trip advice needed

    Berdoo canyon into Joshua tree, burns canyon up to bigbear, down the back side to Johnson Valley, then up towards Mojave Road. That’s a good 4-5 days of sights.