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    ISO: Someone patient to teach me about comms

    Based on your request, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you do not have a HAM license? While Setup of a radio is not really covered in the training/licensing, " HAM and comms in general " is covered and doing all the studying needed for the test should give you the base...
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    Why a RTT (roof top tent)?

    I recently devised a way to get the RTT on and off my rack BY MYSELF and do it fairly quickly. I'm putting it on in the next few days and will take some pics...
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    Overland Trailers

    Fair enough.... Though they do offer an option for "offroad Axle and tires". Plus, it really wouldn't be tough to add some diamond plate in key areas as needed.
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    Overland Trailers

    Found a local (SoCal) company making fairly cheap trailers: Base model is $3500
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    Tube Clamps

    For the Global Truss, you would use the QR Clamp on the trailer bars and then you can swap the bolt part w/ one of almost any length to mount items. You could also run the bolt through a 2nd QR mount and use a nut on that one, or onto a quick-fist. QuickFist holds your shovel/axe or...
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    Heaven on the East Fork Trinity River - Dispersed Glamping in my Backyard (Image Heavy)

    WOW... Beautiful area! I've only been up to Shasta once before (about 20 years ago). I didn't trust my car to make the trip, so we rented a toyota corrola instead. I drove that puppy down rough dirt roads, across streams... Stuff I'd NEVER do today unless I was in my truck! I lived in SF...
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    Pressurized Water & Storage

    Surprised that no one mentioned WaterPort...
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    Tube Clamps

    What diameter are the tubes? I used these on my rack:
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    Dispersed Camping on The Kern River

    All your dispersed camping near the KERN will be at least a mile or two from the river (at least as far as I know...) KERN is very popular in the summer so every inch of it is "taken" by day use areas or large campgrounds with up to 100 sites.
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    Let them eat SPAM!

    Ok... After reading through all this, I had to go out (to Amazon) and order up some more SPAM (I think we have a few "originals" in the pantry already). Jalapeno Hot n Spicy Bacon Portuguese 24 pack of the individual serving ones Really interested in trying the SPAM Reuben!! The reuben is...
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    New guy with a long story and a strange question

    I'm nowhere near you, but my wife also has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type, so I feel your pain. Hope someone local can help!!
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    Seriously a Bronco?

    This is the pic set I saw...
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    what is your go-to tire?

    STT PROs here as well. Great tire! I have two sets of wheels though. DDs and Trail.... if I only had one set, I’d go w STT MAXX
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    Seriously a Bronco?

    I saw some sneak peak pics of the new one and I think they missed the mark. If it actually lik the pics I saw... Looks like a Ranger w a weird cap.