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  1. Crazjtk

    Places to visit and trails to explore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

    That's a really good idea! We're actually coming from the Lower Peninsula and crossing the Mackinaw Bridge, so we're STARTING on the east end.
  2. Crazjtk

    Places to visit and trails to explore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

    Hello everyone, Some friends and I are organizing a trip to the U.P. in a couple months. Other than Taquamenon Falls and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, we don't have any destinations in mind, and don't know of any good trails to follow. Do you have any cool places to suggest?
  3. Crazjtk

    The best travel towels I've ever used: Peshtemal Towels

    Well, Norwex towels are like 3x the price of a Peshtemal towel online. I'm not a fan of microfiber towels either. I also don't like supporting multilevel marketing schemes...
  4. Crazjtk

    Product Review: Clark Jungle Hammocks Mark2

    As I've outfitted my overland rig, I've adopted a backpacker-like mantra of maximizing versatility and minimizing size and weight. This is something of a necessity; my BJ42 is not very large, and not powerful either. On the other hand, this has pushed me to find some really clever and unique...
  5. Crazjtk

    Vehicle Security - the rig itself.

    As of right now, the only security my vehicle has is what it came from the factory with: Being RHD, Manual, and diesel (with glow plugs) in the US, where none of those things are normal. I will probably add a cutoff switch and a shifter lock as my build progresses, as well as locks for any...
  6. Crazjtk

    The best travel towels I've ever used: Peshtemal Towels

    Towel preference might sound like an odd thing to bring up on an overlanding discussion, but hear me out: My overland rig is on the small side, and not terribly powerful either. Because of that, I've adopted a backpacker-like mindset regarding saving space and weight in my gear. A while ago...
  7. Crazjtk

    Official Forum Rules?

    After a brief browse around the forums, I couldn't easily find an official rules thread or memo anywhere. Not that I want to test their limits, but it would be good to have those out in the open. I'm asking because I had a question that a rules post might have helped, otherwise I was ending up...
  8. Crazjtk


    #7730! Location: West Michigan Rig: W.I.P. 1982 Toyota BJ42. Right hand drive, Previous owner imported it from New Zealand. P.O. added a snorkel and roll cage, but it was RUSTY. I've taken it down to bare frame, gotten it sand blasted, POR15'd, now I've got the drivetrain reassembled with new...
  9. Crazjtk

    So, why'd you buy the overland vehicle you did?

    About 2 years ago, I watched a fateful youtube video. It was Regular Car Review's review of a 1986 Toyota 4Runner. (I can't link it, both for newbie restrictions, and 'cus it's not 100% family-friendly) I was hooked on offroading from that moment. I started doing research on what the best 4x4...
  10. Crazjtk


    I run steelies. Cheaper than alloy, not any heavier, if I smack one up, it bends rather than cracking, and, while not important on the trail, steel rims look much more "correct" on an older rig like mine.
  11. Crazjtk

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Hi guys! I got badge 7730 when I signed up at Overland Expo East. I just hadn't remembered to open an account before! :sweatsmile: