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  1. Christian

    Discovery4/LR4 3rd row seat conversion

    as I sometimes use the 3rd row seats and don't want to swap these in and out when going to or coming from a trip, I was thinking about another solution for specifically a watertank, by utilizing the space of the 3rd row footwell and under the 2nd row seats. would be a custom GRP solution I...
  2. Christian

    Overland Bound BBQ at the Veerse Meer - 08/04/2018

    have to work too on SUN :-(
  3. Christian

    budget drawer built

    small but important tweak today: now I can still get to the spare wheel winch without moving the cases. it has a 22mm hex drive like the wheel studs. used a 22mm 3/8" socket, adapter to 1/4" and a 100mm extension, that JUST fits in between the 3rd row seats.
  4. Christian

    budget drawer built

    addition: the lower drawer in the wider casing hosts a snomaster bd/c-40 by a hairsbreadth
  5. Christian

    budget drawer built

    made from 10mm plywood and self-locking slides. frankly I need to admit that it looks like a prototype. just roughly painted, no handles etc., tie down eyes and connecting bolts for both casings are still to come. if the first field test is a success, casings might receive an anthracite...
  6. Christian

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2018

    Due to some unpleasant events I had to cancel my plans for Bad Kissingen, so I'm no longer in. Sorry lads. Have a great time there and have some beers for me.
  7. Christian

    Wild Camping in Scandinavia.

    but as well limited to hikers and bikers right? not motorized overlanders or RVs
  8. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    still trying to figure out how to tear the original burner apart, design a mount, and put a grill on top. but, works flawless anyways.
  9. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    thank you sir
  10. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    actually I'm not LOL :D but I learned car mechanic as a job ages ago, learned welding too (though not aluminum). hence why I love working with real stuff from time to time. I know (at least I read) that there is a partner steel 1 burner stove around. but it is so hard to get them over the...
  11. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    steinacker metall in germany. doubt they ship to ZA. just search for such a shop around your place, you‘ve got fabulous shops like alu-cab there, what I envy a lot!
  12. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    thank you. I ordered it from a metalworking company via ebay. it's 2mm aluminum (wind protection is too) and corners are welded. pretty sturdy. it's even thick enough to drive threads into the bottom for attaching the burner with M5 bolts.
  13. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    folks, another quick one. on our last trip through norway we found out, that our two-burner stove was a bit too much for just the two of us. on the other hand, the typical china or trucker one-burner stove sold with the plastic case is absolutely unsuitable, as it neither allows simmering, nor...
  14. Christian

    Spontanious meet up with our Norway member Joey - 01/20/2018

    unfortunately I won't be able to make it, helping with the move of my father, and afterwards a birthday celebration at night. really sad 'cause joey and I already missed each other when we were heading northbound on our norway trip 2017 ..
  15. Christian

    What's on your roof? and following DIY of 30mm x 3mm aluminum tubes with connectors public transport over here uses for handrails in trams and buses. all in all 10kg incl. flood lights. plus 10kg for 110W solar panel and...