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  1. chexmix

    44qt Fridge for $60 shipped, possible scam...

    @Twisted, I too am guessing that nothing will show up at your house, but the numbers game is that not everyone will even remember to check if they got everything they ordered online! But I’m adventurous and love catching a scammer in the act too. Plus plenty of things seemed too good to be true...
  2. chexmix

    Quick overnight to camp in the snow from the Bay Area 3/2-3/3

    We just got back from the snow with kids, it’s heavy snow up there! We went up off hwy 50 and explored some unplowed roads. Make sure to go prepared and bring a shovel! A kids friendly run as a group would be fun, maybe this spring too!
  3. chexmix

    US West Pleasanton, CA - Meet and Greet

    Pleasanton is just down the hwy from concord, I’ve too have been to a couple meetups there at epidemic ales. [emoji112] They’re super accommodating and have decent parking. I’d also be interested in a wheels on dirt trip like a Hollister overnighter. If we have enough, I can help with getting...
  4. chexmix

    New Rig

    I own both. [emoji6] A pickup is great for loads you don’t want inside. Think muddy, smelly, or oversized (like a mount bike or dirt bike). A pickup is great, carries more fuel, accessories and motorcycle cycles, then a trailer hitch carrier. And the bikes don’t weigh much, so almost no change...
  5. chexmix

    Sacramento guys, where do you go to tune your CB antenna?

    If you need an open area, prairie city is pretty open and not to hilly. Bonus, you can drive around the 4x4 section while your there.
  6. chexmix

    A few pics from our Moab trip in September

    Moab is so beautiful, very other worldly over landing there after leaving the CA forests behind.
  7. chexmix

    CA increased gas / reg taxes: Prop 6

    Most of our rigs don’t run on electricity yet, so gas prices have a significant impact on our sport. People here may not normally follow issues like this, but it directly impacts them. It’s small (relative) groups like this that create that grass roots change. Knowing this, is there a better...
  8. chexmix

    CA increased gas / reg taxes: Prop 6

    So why should I vote on prop6? New tax that was added last year to gas and reg, because all of the other gas taxes got ear marked for something not related to road maintenance. So instead of fixing the ear marking issue, a new additional tax was added last year, but without being voted on? Prop...
  9. chexmix

    Jeep Wrangler Burns to the Ground.

    I saw this the other day, and it’s easy for us to arm chair what should have been done better. But he was cool through the ordeal for sure.
  10. chexmix

    Trusted Jeep shop in CA Bay Area

    If you were in the east bay, I’d say Top Shop in Lafayette. One of their mechanics is a member on here too and works on allot of rigs.
  11. chexmix

    East Bay Meet Up - 06/23/2018

    Wish I saw that earlier, would have asked to join! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. chexmix

    East Bay Meet Up - 06/23/2018

    Nope, come on out! I’ll see you guys there.
  13. chexmix

    Hello from central California

    Welcome! Handful of us making some trips this summer, hope to see you out there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. chexmix

    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    We have a cheap 2 person kayak from Amazon. Had it for almost 2 years and used it once in Tahoe. When I did use it, it was awesome! Two adults and one baby and we paddled out to the center of emerald bay in Tahoe. Now that the little guy is older, hope to use it more this summer. It's nice that...
  15. chexmix

    Vintage Winter Overland in the Snow! ❄️

    Just got back from a trip just below tahoe with some vintage 4x4's! Had a large group of roughly 15 rigs come out. We decided to camp indoors and stay at single room rustic cabins with wood burning fires keeping us warm at night. A great time with friends!