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  1. buckwilk

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    In keeping with the OP I think there are plenty of folks out there without the high dollars spent. They just don't have the sponsors or viewers the high dollar guys do so the spotlight doesn't fall on them. There is a couple on you tube that now takes two vehicles on their family expeditions...
  2. buckwilk

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    "inequality grow a bigger and bigger rift." Societies are never equal in spite of what some would like you to believe. I think aging has an impact on what we we see and how we think , perhaps you are just becoming an old codger. (<;
  3. buckwilk

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    Regardless of circumstances of life there's always a place for you. Might not be exactly what you envisioned or desire but it's there. Key is adapting to the situation and understanding what you want out of your time here and figuring out how to make that happen.
  4. buckwilk

    Campground or Boondock?

    I camp 6 mo. every summer all over the western U.S. I don't go to rv parks or state parks (expensive and crowded). I will use the more primitive campgrounds on occasion (fewer people) but much prefer dispersed camping. National Forest, B L M. Some western states are beautiful but so overcrowded...
  5. buckwilk

    US Southwest Dodge Ram 2500 Bumper

    WTB Arizona, Front bumper with winch mount for 98 Dodge Ram 2500
  6. buckwilk

    Plow Disc Cooking

    I started this thread a couple years back and ended up going with the King Cooker. Love it, use it all the time at home and camping. I never run out of things to cook on it and love the way it gathers folks around. May be my favorite piece of kit.
  7. buckwilk

    Mountain House Meals

    Pricey and over processed is my feeling. Prep your own at home when time is a consideration and cook your favorites when it's not.
  8. buckwilk

    Plow Disc Cooking

    I think for the price and versatility this would work
  9. buckwilk

    Cheers From Panama / Saludos Desde Panama

    Samuel, head north and meet all the friends you have here!!
  10. buckwilk

    Camp Cooking: Chrispy’s Beef Stew

    I would be happy to provide feedback!! Please message me for my mailing address and send a quart, make that two quarts, Thanks :smilecat:
  11. buckwilk


    Eating or drinking off anything metal is a pain. Metal conducts heat and cold too well. Put hot food on metal and it is difficult to manage comfortably. In a few moments the metal gets cold and so does the food. Inexpensive plates are simple to come by at the dollar stores and are easily...
  12. buckwilk

    Roaming around the desert

    Enjoying this thread, except for the bike ride on the edge of those drop offs. :coldsweat:
  13. buckwilk

    Kofa National Wildlife Refuge - southwest Arizona

    The mine folks have a road which they have a gate on but keep unlocked during the season. Go to the mine and you bypass the locked gate.
  14. buckwilk

    Kofa National Wildlife Refuge - southwest Arizona

    During the season ( winter ) the gate is unlocked. Regardless call ahead.