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  1. Bpjr07

    Super large blanket for RTT

    Curios how cold do you go? Would like a 1" matress topper kill 2 birds with one stone, give you insulation and and extra padding? You might find them similar price to a giant blanket.
  2. Bpjr07

    Before you Buy Rooftop Tent

    My Hard shell RTT you can leave all your gear in it. Our 2 20lb dogs sleep in the RTT with us. We can sit up and lean on the frame.
  3. Bpjr07

    Before you Buy Rooftop Tent

    I close my RTT with 2 pillows, 2 sleeping bags, 2 blankets, and ladder Its my extra storage, Hot tent? Used my RTT in 5 degree weather kept us warm, we used the sleeping bags as blankets. But yes the worst thing is trying to go out and pee in the middle of the night. Takes seconds to crank...
  4. Bpjr07

    Rooftop tent

    5 will be tight, andi would get tired if i had to get up few times a night everytime someone needs to go restroom, someone shifting and rocking the car, taking care of kids on the ladder, ect. As your kids grow it will just get smaller. The bigger they are the harder they are to put up and put...
  5. Bpjr07

    Small Propane Tank Selection and Storage Dilemma

    Yes i do freeze for 1 hour... i try to fill 1 or 2 from my 5lb before i go top it off.
  6. Bpjr07

    Small Propane Tank Selection and Storage Dilemma

    I refill the disposable 1lb tanks, have not had a issue. They fill up to around 80% with a $5 adapter i got at walmart (said it was specifically for 1lb cans)
  7. Bpjr07

    Small Propane Tank Selection and Storage Dilemma

    Convenience is greater than price. I love my 5lbs tank. You can feel it getting empty, (can also buy a hose with a guage, or add a guage) I have a van so i carry it inside i like that it has a actual valve to close. I top it off before going on a big trip 4days+. Its payed itself off in a year.
  8. Bpjr07

    What's your campfire in fire season or no campfire areas?

    Yup, just built one out of a 50 cal. Box it was too big, nice that it will hold the hose inside. Build one with 5.56 box and its perfect. 1/2" ridgid pipe drill out some holes. Some home depot pieces and 7$ propane valve and hose. Few lava rocks
  9. Bpjr07

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Nice! sounds like a normal table height! Ajustability on uneven surfaces is cool, Especially for my black stone griddle if its not level the grease pools on a corner.
  10. Bpjr07

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Looking into these. But most i see feel like they will be too short to cook on?
  11. Bpjr07

    Solar motion lights

    Was wondering if anyone uses the solar motion sensor lights around their rig or campsite? Sounds like a easy solution to place on the rig (not permanant) and or around the campsite, To spot animals and just general security. Keep ome around the cooler or bear box to turn on automatically...
  12. Bpjr07

    What to take when off the road?

    I watched the video in 2X speed and was still slow lol. I have a bug out/emergency bag like that. Never would i use it for overlanding took me to long to pack and organize lol. Feels like the video was more to show his gadgets than actual overlanding, or camping. The whole time i was thinking...
  13. Bpjr07

    It doesn’t matter what you drive

    I would overland with a 2013 dodge charger and 2016 ford fiesta if the first come first serve campsites where at capacity. Now its a 2013 grand caravan. My under 10k budget build
  14. Bpjr07

    Rear hatch lift support upgrade for mounting gear.

    Sorry for the dirty van. Got the lift supports and rotopax installed last night. The new lift supports open fast and need more effort to close. Nothing to crazy. (Without the rotopax installed) Bolted the standard rotopax mount directly to the panel. (Little disappointed on the play the jug as...
  15. Bpjr07

    Bald Tires

    Either they cant afford it, but most likely they are not into it. Figured it out after they bought all the gear. Now they keep it to look cool. And are able to wear carhart clothing to their accounting jobs lol. Its like any other hobby... only difference is you can show it off eveyday lol...