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    Show me the Golden’s!

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    My 2011 Tahoe LT. build, a work in progress.

    Is that a full size chevy van following your group? wow. I thought a suburban on the trail was alot. Props to him.
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    My 2011 Tahoe LT. build, a work in progress.

    Awesome. I’ll take a look. Pricing still looks reasonable. Thanks!
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    My 2011 Tahoe LT. build, a work in progress.

    With the Awning deployed, how is the interference between it and opening the back hatch? I’ve been contemplating putting on on my yukon xl rack but concerned about how that hatch would contact the awning. Thx.
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    2004 Yukon XL K2500 LBZ

    I figured I'd share my list of all part numbers I've acquired over the years that pertain to my particular vehicle. Might come in handy for someone else as these trucks share a lot of common parts across the GMT-800 platform. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to help/answer... Parts...
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    Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL Registry

    My family always had a suburban as I was growing up. I began to appreciate the usefulness of them at a young age. I learned to drive and took my drivers test in a 1989 V2500. Unfortunately my parents had to give it up with over 460k miles on it. But we got to replace it with another 1989...
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    Spare part ‘must haves’.

    Duct tape, bailing wire, gas and this.... A parts runner to go get anything else you might need. #invaluable
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    Looking for a Roof Top Tent

    I’ll tell you from experience. I borrowed a 4dr wrangler with a roof top tent before I bought my wrangler and honestly I didn’t like having the weight up on top of it. It’s a lot of personal preference but I felt like if I had to avoid anything suddenly it felt like it wanted to go over. I would...
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    Rugged Radios....Yes or No?

    These guys have been going to King of the Hammers events the last few years. Early on they were decent. They were selling Yaesu and Standard Horizon vertex radios for a reasonable price. But a few years ago they switched to these baofeng cheap Chinese radios and they charge more than they did...
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    2004 Yukon XL K2500 LBZ

    So now we've had the rig back for about a year and we've made a few more trips (Albuquerque, Yellowstone, Colorado) and then some jack wad decides to entertain him/her self by smashing a window with a rock (so juvenile) and make a mess of the interior:worried: and steal my owners manual and an...
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    2004 Yukon XL K2500 LBZ

    !!! CAUTION -- Picture heavy post !!! So I've been living on the diesel forums for the last 15 years or so and figured its time to get back into the camping/overlanding/offroad forums again. It's been a few years but I have been known to do some serious rock crawling on trails such as the...
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    Long time lurker from Nor Cal

    Hi all. I’ve been lurking around and reading here for a while. Figured I better get with the program and get involved. I’m from the Bay Area in California. My wife and I have a 2004 Yukon XL K2500 with a 2006 Duramax LBZ swap. Started out stock but been slowly getting it ready for some...