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  1. bennybasics

    Land Rover Registry

    Gotta love a Disco! Happy to have your rig as a cousin to mine, hopefully our paths will cross on the road or trail at some point when we travel through NM on the way back to NYC from the west,
  2. bennybasics

    Who owns a Land Rover ?

    1988 Perentie - Defender 110 here in NYC (formerly Tasmania)
  3. bennybasics

    Nepal via Defender - Nomads, Warriors, and the Kingdom of Lo

    amazing thread, perfect 110, and flawless photographs...thank you for bringing us into this journey - definitely on my list now!
  4. bennybasics

    Land Rover Registry

    Hi everyone, new to the group and saw that this was definitely a thread for us. Long time Land Rover nut, formerly an Ex Nato 109" but after a decade hiatus I've been reunited with the world of British Leyland and our 1988 Perentie Defender 110. She's soon to have NY plates (rather than those...
  5. bennybasics


    Hi everyone, new member but long time overlander here. Location: NYC but soon to be splitting time between the West and East Coasts. Vehicle: 1988 Ex Australian Military Land Rover "Perentie" Defender 110 I've grown up in the Southern California desert and camping/exploring on foot and in...